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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Feeling better B"H

I finally got antibiotics this past Tuesday for the month long cold and now feel almost 100 percent better. I developed some sort of inflammation around my rib area that was extruciating, maybe I pulled a muscle from all the coughing, I am not sure, but it was extremely painful to breathe, cough, move around, hug. Its starting to slowly go away now, B"H.

In addition #2 started running a feverl of 102.8 (39.3 celcius) on wednesday night. Thursday I took her to the pediatrician, and he said her glands were swollen and had a red throat. He took a strep culture and we won't know till Monday. But I was also concerned about the possibility of a bladder infection in her because she has trouble with wiping properly in the washroom, and sometimes does not do a thorough job or wipes the wrong way. so the pediatrician dipped her urine and found white blood cells. so he decided to treat it as it it were a bladder infection and also being she probably had strep anyways, he put her on amoxicllin. she seems much better now, but now #3 aned #4 are sick. I have to take them to the pediatrician monday. I hate walk in clinics, they always give my kids a wrong diagnosis, so one more day won't be much of a wait (they started running a small fever today, and my pediatrican always says its ok not to bring them in the very first day of fever as sometimes whatever is ailing them isn't out yet.)

#1 starts his winter break on Thursday and doesn't resume school till January 3rd. #2 has school like usual but has half day on boxing day (26th) and is off the 29 and 30th. I have a very busy week ahead, Tuesday is #2's school chanukah party for parents, I have my 18 week ultrasound Wednesday, and an hour after my appt, #1 is having a class chanukah party. Maybe I will be lucky and actually see his teacher smile for a change. come to think of it I have yet to see her crack a smile.

Now its pizza time. being my cholent came out horrible today, I am pretty hungry. I am still craving chocolate licorice too! I must buy some tomorrow.

Will post more later.


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