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Friday, December 09, 2005

No more Ritalin

Well, thanks for nothing to the difficult pediatric receptionist yesterday who wouldn't let me speak to the doc. he ended up calling me today so I didn't have shlep my kids in 5 inches of snow in a triple stroller while 17 weeks pregnant. I really appreciated the fact that he noticed I had an appointment today and called me on his own. The sidewalks are not plowed and itwould have been extremely difficult to get there. My mother in law was willing to baby sit, but I felt bad making her walk in the snow. Now I am glad she won't have to. I had phoned #1's school today to say he wasn't going to be in today as I was concerned abou t his reaction to the ritalin and was taking him in to be seen by the pediatrician. His teacher went ahead and phoned him for me as back up to me, to tell him how #1 was behaving in school while on the ritalin. So, when the doc called me, I told him about the lip chewing (its now starting to scab over B"H), the grimacing and great agitation, and he said that is what the teacher said, and I can go ahead and stop the medicine (good, because I did't give him the morning dose anyway.). I told him was it normal to have such a bad reaction after only 2 days on it, and he said yes, it is quite possible you could. Ritalin was an absoultey terrible drug for him, he had a horrible reaction to it. Today he is back to his normal happy self, no more lip chewing, no more agitation, no more crying, B"H. I am so glad he is back to himself. My mother in law saw #1 last night ( he had 2 doses yesterday) and said he looked not good at all while on it. Maybe, in a few years we will try ritalin again, but now, after this terrible experience, I have to say I am extremely hesitant to try it again. but we'll see how we feel in a few years time.

Anyway, I have cooking to do for shabbos...


  • At 4:33 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Ohhh... :( i'm so sorry that you're going through all of this yucky stuff with your son and the ritalin. My name is Lauren, I've posted before. I happened a pon your blog a while ago. I enjoy reading Mom blogs, I'm a Mom blogger too. Anyway, just so you know who this is posting.

    I was just wondering, are you feeling better at all? I hope you are. I can't imagine being sick and pregnant and having four little ones and a hubby to care for also.

    Please take care and don't worry about the ritalin. I know first hand that if you have ADD/ADHD, it helps in some, it doesn't in others. Whatever route you chose down the road; drugs or other types of therapy, or nothing, things will be just fine. :) Hang in there!


  • At 6:11 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    My energy is back B"H, but I still have a bad cold/congestion/sinus pain, cough making me throw up. I am going back to my family doc tuesday. I think its a sinus infection, I would like a prescription for amoxicillin, hopefully the doc wil agree :P .

    Thanks for your thoughtful post to my blog :) My pediatrician also mentioned the same thing, that ritalin might help some kids and not others. I am afraid to try ritalin again for him in the future after this experience..but we'll see... :) Thanks again for your post :)

  • At 9:30 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi Alison! Thanks for your reply comment. I am so thankful you felt the baby move, how happy!That's wonderful. As you can see, I surf the web WAY too much! The baby's asleep and not much going on so I surf and read.

    Anyway...OUCH! Sinus infection. Those are THE worst. Ok, hope Tuesday brings relief. I'll say a little prayer!

    Quick question, I've read before that you mentioned you are from New Jersey and now you live near Toronto? My husband Jonathan and son Noah and I live outside of Detroit and we've always always wanted to move to Toronto. We love it. If the right job came along we would move. What is the Jewish community like? Do you enjoy living in Canada? The income tax scared me, yikes! Is the health system good or bad or a little of both?

    Come to think of it....Don't worry about sending a reply to this now.You have a TON on your plate! Just take care of yourself and your poor sinus's. :( I really hope you feel better very soon. Thanks again for the comment reply!
    Lauren :)

  • At 9:45 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    Yup, I am fromNew Jersey :) The Jewish community here is great! There are many Jewish resources here. There are many shuls to choose from, we have a kosher supermarket, called Sobeys, that has a kosher bakery, glatt kosher meat dept, kosher fish dept, and half the aisles are the kosher dept. There are many Jewish day schools to choose from, including two specialized ones, one for kids with a wide variance of special needs, (zareinu)and one just for learning disabilities (shearim). I find the people here are very welcoming and helpful. I only knew my husband when I first came here, and I remember, I came a week before Rosh Hashanah and the rabbi and his family invited me to his house for yom tov and got me tickets for davening at no cost to me, just a week before the holiday.

    Taxes here are a lot, there is gst 7 percent, and pst is 8 percent (govt. and provincial taxes) but there is talk inthe next election bout lowering gst to 6 percent and then 5 percent the following year. but there is the child tax benefit, gst refund, if you make below a certain amount of salary.

    I really enjoy living in canada, but I sometimes find the health care here frustrating, in that its hard to find a family doctor, as a lot of the good ones are not taking new patients, and sometimes the wait times are long if you need to have a test done, or see a specialist. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :) Hope this helped you :)

  • At 9:08 a.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi Alison,
    I posted you a reply comment yesterday, but I see it didn't save, Oops! I seem to have problems with blogger on my Mac sometimes. Oh well....

    First, I hope you are feeling better today! Your poor sinus's. Maybe the doctor will be able to fix you up today. When I was pregnant, I remember that my midwife and Ob's sometimes had different takes on what was safe and not so safe when you are sick during pregnancy. It can be quite confusing. I love my midwife because she sits and talks during visits rather than the 5 minute appointment with my nice but very busy OB. Well, hope you feel better soon!

    Thank you so much for the comment reply on living in Canada. Yes, it did help me out! For one thing, you're right , the taxes aren't that scary and with such things as tax credits, it seems ok. My father worked in Toronto a few years ago, but he commuted from Chicago each week, so he had to pay both Canadian and US tax. I think that's what scared me. No commuting for me, I don't have the energy!

    I see what you mean about the health system. In some of your posts it seemed very frustrating to wait for tests and appointments. Once you do get an appointment or find a doctor, is it really all free? That would be SO nice. Our insurence only pays the first $500 on pediatric visits. The first year we had 8 well baby visits and those ate up the $500 in about 3 months. It's really expensive, yikes!

    The Jewish community sounds very nice and accomodating (sp?) I'm such a terrible speller, sorry! Is there also still a nice Jewish Children's Museum in the area? I'd love to take a look at Sobey's. It sounds really nice. We might take a trip to Toronto next month with our friend who is coming to visit. If we do, I'll check Sobeys out. I'm not sure if you have something like this near you, but they just opened the coolest place. It's called "The Kosher Case Club". It's a bulk kosher market. The prices are great and if you have many children, it's wonderful. I bought a big bag of frozen broccoli which my one year old loves. That was my favorite purchase so far for some reason.

    We have the "Case Club" because I live near the cities of Oak Park, Southfield and West Bloomfield which have large Jewish communities. Maybe you know someone in my neck of the woods!

    Well, thanks so much again. My husband is always keeping an eye out for jobs in or around Toronto. I'd love to live there too, it's such a nice city. The only thing is I'd miss my family. I'm such a baby. :( Do you ever miss your family? It must be hard sometimes.
    My brother-in-law is in rabbinical school, so maybe someday he will have a congrgation in Toronto, that would be great because then we could visit all the time and not have to move.

    I'm so sorry this comment turned into an e-mail. I always have a habit of talking too much!
    Please take good care of yourself and all your little ones. Feel better and thanks!
    Lauren :)

  • At 2:20 a.m., Blogger Ari said…

    I'm glad he wasn't on ritalin too long as there are many problems with it. It's an amphetamine, related to "speed" so it's not surprising he'd have problems with it.

  • At 9:11 a.m., Blogger mommyof4 said…

    My son had the same problem he looked bad; like a zombie. He is now diagnosed with Bipolar and adhd and has been through so many med changes. Good luck someday the docs will get it right. Shannon

  • At 12:57 p.m., Anonymous Laura said…

    Have you tried other medication? I have only just started to read your blog so I'm not reall sure of the situation. My youngest aged 14 is now on concerta 18mg and this is a slow release form of the medication. Wehave yet to see any bad side effects only inprovment in behaviour and concentration. Good luck!


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