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Thursday, December 08, 2005

very upset :(

I am so upset right now. I don't know if its my pregnancy hormones making me overly sensitive, but I am not happy with how the ritalin is affecting my son, and his teacher backs me up on this, so its probably not my hormones. Yesterday was his first day on it, he is on half a pill in morning and half at lunch. He freaked out the whole day, and started chewing on his lips to the point where it looks like he is wearing lipstick. When I picked him up at 3:30 yesterday, he was bouncing off the walls. His teacher said he had a very rocky day but to give the medicine more time. I had to take him to sears after school to fix his glasses, as his lense fell out (he has a very thick prescription.. +625). he was grimacing, and crying, and biting his lip at the store, so I called the pediatrician's office from my cell phone right from the mall. He told me it takes two weeks to really get into the system and not to worry yet. But today, he was tired all day extremely agitated and cranky, chewed his lip some more, and had another very agitated day at school. He is not his normally happy self. His teacher said definitely don't give it two weeks, if he still like this tomorrow, call the doc's office to see if I should stop the medicine as of tomorrow. she said give him the morning dose, and if he is having a rough morning, she won't give him the lunch time dose.. having him freak out and not behave like his happy self all the way home today prompted me to make an appointment to bring him in to the doc's office tomorrow. I want to stop the medine now if this is how its going to make him. the teacher and I both feel its making his behaviour worse, not better. I don't care what the doc said about 2 weeks. It is having an effect on him now, even if its not the full effect and its making him a million times worse. and he is not even on the full dose yet. I am supposed to increase it to a whole pill next week, but I am hoping he won't be on it by then. the pharmacist I spoke to today told me it could have a negative effect in kids his age, and that is also what the pediatrician warned me about too. I think maybe stop the medicine and try it again when he is a bit older. The teacher said because he also is coming down with a cold maybe thats making him act off, but he has never acted like this before when he was getting sick. I will see what the pediatrician says tomorrow. I am very concerned. My little pooh bear.. :(


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