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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1 year check up and other stuff

#4 had her 1 year check up today. she had a diaper rash from yeast infection from the antbiotics she was on from her ear infection, also eczema on her leg. she gained 2 lbs and had her mmr and menjugate. But now she is running a fever from the menjugate. I don't have to bring her back till 15 months for her prevnar and chicken pox vaccine and well baby check up.

Yesterday we went on a tour of #1's future (Please G-d) school. There is a slight problem though. there may not be a grade one on sept if they don't have enough kids to make a grade 1. including my son, they only have 3 kids so far for grade one and they need at least 5 to have a class. I am supposed to call them next month to see whats doing. I did register him though and paid the deposit fee. I will have to daven really hard that 2 more kids will enroll by Pesach time.

Today #1 had to go home early from school from a tummy bug and I will have to keep him home tomorrow because he is still having the runs. I will have to bring him with me to my doc's appt for the retest of strep throat. I hope he behaves himself there. We had freezing rain this aftenoon and the side walks were ice today. I had to have my mother in law pick up #1 while I picked up #2 (the school called me to pick him up an hour before dismissal and said I had to pick him up NOW even though #2 was getting out at that time and I was unable to for at least a half hour, and they know I don't have a car and am walking there pushing a triple stroller, and the sidewalks were ice, and I am 22 weeks pregnant..) I am lucky I was able to have my mother in law pick him up as my father in law was about to leave for work shortly. Its bashert that he went home sick, as the sidewalks were a sheet of ice and I would have never made it there in one piece. The last time I fell while pregnant (with #3) I ended up on bed rest with a placental abruption. I barely made it home from picking up #2 without falling and had a couple of close scares.

and some good news! :) I won a contest! Yay! :) I won a roots 3 piece leather luggage set from a canada post contest. :) I am very excited. :)

That's it for now. Will post more later. its bath time for the kids now.


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