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Monday, January 30, 2006

Had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test today

well, now I am 24 weeks, B"H,and today I took my one hour glucose tolerance test. I also had to give a urine sample, and she also took blood for my TSH levels (thyroid). I am worried about the results of the glucose screening test because with #4 , my test came back a few points over normal, but not enough that I needed to go for the 3 hour test or test my blood sugar daily. Hopefully this time the numbers will be normal.

I also took #4 back to the pediatrician about the yeast rash. He gave me a stronger cream to use in addition to the other cream. Hopefully this will do the trick and clear it up. Poor girl must be so uncomfortable..it looks like its very uncomfortable. I think the rash got worse from the second round of antibiotics she was on for the ear infection. Her ears are ok now B"H.

Not much else doing today. I am buying #2's dresses off of ebay. Fun and I save money :)

Will post more later :)


  • At 4:20 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi ALison! I said a little prayer that your glucose test comes back a-ok, this time around. I know what it's like taking the test and waiting for results. Hang in there, things will work out! :)

    I also hope the new medicine helps out #4 with her rash. Maybe it's the same my pediatrician gave us. Poor baby. :(

    Have you ever seen the site: Funk Frum ? www.funkyfrum.com The clothing is so pretty and WAY too expensive, but just fun to browse for fun. Can you sew at all? I wish I could sew better, I'd try to make the clothes I see on a budget.

    Take good care and let us know how the test went!
    Lauren :)

  • At 10:19 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    Thanks :)

    I just checked out funkyfrum.com I like the skirts. you're right about it being expensive. I notice even when you go into a store that sells frum clthing its pricey. there is 2 stores here that only sell tznius clothing, and its about 200 bucks a jacket/dress combo as minimum. I wish I could sew. I can't even sew a button LOL.

    A friend of mine sews and she made herself and her daughter matching outfits. Its really cute.

    I won't know the results of the GTT until my next appt. if its abnormal I am sure my OB will phone me before than.


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