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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Haircut Disaster

Whoops. An important lesson learned: Never, ever, ever, try to cut your daughter's bangs if you are not a hair stylist or have never cut hair before. I don't know why I thought I could do a straight job on them. They look so crooked now :( ! I was trying to grow out her bangs, originally, and they were into her eyes now , but she won't wear a hair clip and I didn't have a chance yet to buy some hairbands, and I was thinking, how can I send her to school tomorrow with her hair in her eyes like that? How hard could it possibly be to cut bangs, just go straight across? So I started cutting them, and at first it was straight and looked great, but then she moved her head to the side and I ended up cutting on an angle. :( so when I tried to fix it, she moved her head again. Arg! Now she has horribly crooked bangs. Actually, they are not THAT bad, but they look bad enough that I am embarrassed. :) I am going to have to take her to a hair salon tomorrow after school to have her bangs fixed. She always sits nicely for the sylist, so I figured she would sit still for me too and I would just trim the bangs, and be done with it in a minute. I wish I could get her bangs fixed before school but nothing is open at 8:30 in the morning. They should have an emergency hair clinic for people who try to cut their own hair or hair of their loved ones. :) Maybe I should lend her my sheitl :) Just kidding. I am never attempting to cut anyone's hair ever again. I guess its a good thing I didn't wash and style my own sheitl for the wedding I am going to in 2 weeks. :)

Not much else doing at this moment. I am cooking some sobeys store brand biscuits. But I am not hungry because I just had a huge cup of hot cocoa. I have to stop with the chocolate or I will be huge and the baby will weigh 10 lbs LOL. Not so much of a joke because the heaviest of my kids weight 8 Lb 12 oz (that would be #2.)


  • At 9:42 a.m., Blogger mommyof4 said…

    I do my girls hair and have messed up sometimes but I still do it. Practice make perfect. I am letting them growout nowand they always have the hair in the eyes till i catch them and put a water fountain ponytail in. LoL

  • At 9:37 p.m., Anonymous sunflower said…

    instead of a hairband, try a band (ie. a cloth one that goes all the way around the head)- that should hold even short bangs back, crooked and all, and will look nice while it's growing out.

    BTW, b'shaa tovah umutzlachat! i've been following your blog for a while. 4 and a half kids, KA"H, wow! how do you manage?

  • At 10:05 a.m., Anonymous Mariann said…

    I feel your pain with a fidgeting child during a home haircut. I tried cutting Nicholas's hair for two years, and I always ended up with the crazy cuts you described. It looks worse on a boy because the hair is so short... if only I could put a headband on him to cover up my irregular lines.

    He got his payback, though... last month, he took the scissors and clipped a bit off me!


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