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Friday, January 20, 2006

Things that go flush...

My 2 year old flushed his cars down the toilet before I could stop him, after #1 had used the potty. I tried the plunger to no avail, and then put in a work order. The maintenance man drained it, snaked it, managed to get out one car very deep inside, but he said he felt more cars in there that he couldn't get to. Being its our fault, we have to call the plumber and arrange and pay for it to be fixed. Luckily, that bathroom is in the basement, and is not used much. The plumber is probably going to cost me a few hundred. Hundreds of dollars for one little dollar store toy car. Boy, that is one expensive car. :) the maintenance man said its clogged deep in the pipe (or something along those lines.. I wasn't sure exactly what he was saying.)

In other news, 3 of the 4 kids are sick. #4 has another ear infection in the same ear as before and is back on the amoxicillin (which probably means now the diaper yeast rash that was going away is probably going to come back from the antibiotics :(, kid #3 threw up a few times the other night and is still not 100 percent, and last night #2 threw up. I should mention that #3 threw up all over me and my bed...even though I washed everything thoroughly I still managed to catch the virus. My stomach hurts and I do feel a bit queasy but not to the point where I feel I have to puke. That will probably happen tomorrow when I smell the cholent :) BTW apple juice and pop corn are not good foods to eat when queasy, which I learned by stupidity just before :P. I am slightly concerned about the repeat ear infection. I hope we are not headed for ear tubes, like with #3 who had about 10 ear infections back to back before they put in tubes. If she gets one more ear infection after she finishes the second round of meds I am going to bring her in to the peditrician. #3 had tons of ear infections and moderate hearing loss from fluid when he was this age and had to have ear tubes put in both ears and fluid drained. He gets tested regularly and B"H his hearing is back to normal and tubes are still in over 1 year later.

this upcoming week #2 is off of school for winter break. I am taking her to get her hair cut Monday. I am not sure if I mentioned it earlier but she cut her own hair in school last week. The class was doing arts and crafts and my daughter wanted to try her hand at being a beautician I guess. :) The teacher was worried I would be very upset, but I am not really. these things happen. I think I did the same thing when I was her age. I remember cutting off my younger sister's pony tail :).

I also have my 24 week ob appointment Thursday. (I will be almost 24 weeks by then.).


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