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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wonderful news about son #1 :) !!!!!!!!! :)

I am so excited! I just spoke to the social worker from the Jewish Day school for ADHD/Asperger kids that I want to send my son to in September. She said, the team there read over his psychoeducational assessment, and that he would be a perfect candidate to go there. She invited my husband and me to go on a tour on Monday as well as fill out the intake form. She also said somone from the school will go down to the school where my son is currently enrolled and observe him, and that in June, he will be invited in to see where he will be going G-d willing. I am a tad worried though because every time I have tried to send him some where else, the school he is at now has sabotoged it. I am making it clear to them this week that no matter what they say to the school I am hoping to send him to, he will NOT be returning back to his current school next year. Also worried because he still has potty training issuses, but he will be trained totally by Sept. G-d willing. I am worried his teacher will mention that fact. I am going to speak to her about it and have them work much harder than they are now. I am thinking about just stopping the pull ups completely, see how it goes just in big boy underwear. Hopefully, they will accept him at the school we want him to go to. Applying doesn't guarantee 100 percent he will get in and I am worried the school he is at now will ruin it for me just like they did the other 2 times I have tried to enroll him elsewhere. I will just tell them, if they do that, then he will just go to public school, and he still won't be going back there. To tell you the truth, I absoultely hate the school he is going to right now. They have a lot of shtick there. So, I am going to daven really hard that the application proccess will be successful and his current school won't ruin it for him yet again. I am just thrilled that they will consider him to begin with!! :) Yay :)


  • At 3:12 p.m., Blogger mommyof4 said…

    Oh don't you hate when other schools do stuff to void out what is really going on. My son has ADHD/Bipolar. The school always tried to downplay it when we had meetings. He is worse at home than he is in school. He is finnaly in special education for third grade after they passed him all the way to there with a first grade reading level! I have to fight all the time for his services, right now he has wrap around but with no TSS worker the last time he had one the school gave the worker a hard time. Ugh I hope it works out good for you!

  • At 12:47 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    I understand what you mean about fighting for services. Its very frustrating sometimes. I told his current school about my plans to send him elsewhere and I can see his teachers are not happy but too bad for them. she told me he might not be toilet trained by sept and I told her off. I said, Oh yes he will be. you aren't trying and there is no physical reason why he should not be trained, at age 5 1/2. I told her I am sending him in big boy underwear and she will just have to toilet him regularly and clean up the accidents that are likely to occur for a while until he gerts the hang of it. as long as he sees his pull ups around he will use that instead of a toilet. and I told his school if they ruin his chances of going to that new school he still won't be back there, I will just do public school. I hope everything works out and the observation at his current school by the new school goes well. I am speaking to the principal tomorrow to tell her my plans and that I would apprecaite it if they would not scare off the new school from my son this time.


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