A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, February 27, 2006

My Trip Down the Stairs...

I had an eventful morning. First, as I was leaving to take the kids to school this morning, the headboard my mother in law dropped off and left behind the front door that hubby was supposed to put away, but had yet to do so, fell down as I was shutting the door, preventing me from opening the door all the way. I tried to force the door open but wasn't able to very wide, and being 28 weeks pregnant, the space was too narrow for me to squeeze by to move the headboard, so, in a word, we were trapped from going back into the house. I tried 3 times to force it open, and then, I had an adrenaline rush and managed to force the door open all the way, but had to step on the darn headboard with my muddy boot to get into the house. I then shlepped it down to the basement. I didn't even really want the darn thing to begin with, but someone was getting rid of it so somehow we inherited it. Then, after taking kids to school, I came home. I went upstairs to get something, walked down the first flight of steps to the little landing thing in between (the last flight was only 2 steps, which I am very grateful for.) I slipped on a pajama top one of the kids left there and slipped down the remaining two steps on my back (B"H it wasn't my front) and managed to smack my head hard on the step, and also the right side of my back. Baby is ok B"H, kicking like normal, but, I had a bad headache all afternoon and felt naseous, but am now ok B"H, no more headache. My head is sore where I smacked it though. What a crappy day.

I am going to my family doc on Wednesday because I have an eye infection, and also an infected ingrown toenail, Apparently my immune system is on vacation this pregnancy. I am in a cranky mood today. sorry. :) Tomorrow I will wake up on the right side of the bed, (hopefully :P)

In other news, Purim is 2 weeks away! We are going to my inlaws for the seudah. I am not looking forward to it much though as I will have to shlep the kids there at dusk time, and everyone there is my in laws age. none of our friends, so its kind of dull. and there is an older couple coming there who does not like my kids as they are used to quite, order, etc etc, not a bunch of noisy kids, so that should be real fun. sorry I am being so negative, I am in a cranky hormonal mood. Maybe I can talk hubby into having our seudah at home. I will be almost 8 months pregnant by then G-d willing, and I don't think I am going to be in the mood for shlepping. I am actually worried about Pesach because by then I will be 9 months pregnant G-d willing, and I will have to shlep the kids home from the seders at my in laws.
I will post more tomorrow. I think I have had enough for one day :P

Thursday, February 23, 2006

7 month OB check up and other stuff

I had my 28 week ob appointment today. Blood pressure was good, 114/68, weight gain was 5 lbs bringing it to a total of 17 1/2 lbs so far. My blood sugar was fine, I passed the glucose tolerance test B"H, but I am anemic and have to take palafer iron tabs 1x a day. I had a choice of coming back in 2 weeks or 4, so I chose 4 weeks, but after that, I need to go every 2 until 36 weeks, and then every week. I am in the home stretch now.

Now time for a vent. Today, I am on the TTC bus enroute to the subway station. I don't like sitting in the seats for seniors, but it was really crowded, there was no where for me to hold on to, and I am 7 months pregnant and didn't want to get jostled. there were a bunch of young non pregnant people hogging up all the senior seats. So, a man with a cane got on, I got up to give him my seat but so did the person sitting next to me, so I still had my seat, but the man was quite large, and being it was corner seat, and I am not small right now, being 7 months pregnant, I had to stand, which I had no problem with because it was to make room for somone that needed the space, and not one person who was sitting there offered me a seat. It was quite obvious I am pregnant, nice to make a pregnant lady stand up on a crowded bus.. Then I get on the subway, sit in the end part of a 3 seater when a rude woman, her husband and kid, forced me out of the seat. Her kid climbed practically on my lap and her husband was hovering over me staring at me. So there I stood again, 7 months pregnant on a crowded subway train. when the train changed tracks I lost my balance and almost fell into the door and again, not one person let me sit down. How disgusting. I always give up my seat for seniors, handicapped, and pregnant women. Now, I am pregnant and don't even get the same courtesy. What a shame. Then, later on, walking home, I see a car splash into a puddle, soaking a grandma pushing a baby carriage. we just looked at each other and shook our heads. Maybe some people need to learn some manners, common courtesy which is the polite thing to do is offer your seat to a senior, handicapped or pregnant person and not splash people pushing baby carriages while driving throug a puddle of water.

I am really tired and #3 is having some sort of tantrum over a sippy cup and I have to go make dinner now..waah :(

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nesting, anyone?

I am officially 27 weeks pregnant today, B"H, almost into my third trimester. I woke up with an eagerness to clean and vacuum (UGH :P) so I am assuming I am having a first round of nesting instinct. I am pretty sure I am bugging hubby with it because I want to put away all four baskets of laundry and need him to lug it up the steps from the basement. :P So far, its only 10 am, and I have already gone to the bakery, threw away garbage bag from shabbos, and vacuumed the living room, in addition to doing regular stuff like feeding kids breakfast, changing diapers, etc. see, sometimes having a type A personality DOES pay off :) I don't remember having a nesting instinct this much with my other pregnancies. Maybe with each pregnancy, it gets stronger LOL.) or maybe because it tends to get messier in my house a bit faster as I have 4 kids age 5 and under, that is why its a stronger nesting instinct. I am going to take advantage of my sudden burst of energy today before I wake up tomorrow with a different attitude... my usual attitidude about cleaning is definitely not eagerness, but more one of dread towards cleaning up LOL. I am making hubby clean up the cholent pot and soup pot from shabbos.

Today #2 is going to another birthday party of a classmate. Lets hope she doesn't cause a scene again when I pick her up like she did at that last party she was at. She threw a huge tantrum when it was time to go home because she wanted to bring home the present she gave the little girl for her party, and then threw another big tantrum because she was missing an arts and craft project she did at the party. I think she was just really overstimulated by all the activity, and it was the first party she ever went to that was for a friend and not family.

In other news, I am worried about #1's lack of pooping in the potty. He is still stubborn about it, and my pediatrician said he doesn't know what other advice to give other than be patient. I am worried what will be when the school we want to send him to in September finds out when they go to his current school next month to observe him. He has until August before I will really panic but I am going to have to find a way to bribe him to get him to go potty. We were using the curious george movie but it seems to have stopped working because yesterday he made a big mess :( He smirks about it too, and thinks its funny. I think maybe the best course of action is just not commenting on it and not giving him a reaction and hopefully he will then realize its time to go in the right place. I know kids with ADHD/Aspergers train late, but isn't 5 1/2 getting to be REALLY late? though, he just finally got trained for pee..and I know poop takes longer..

Thursday I have my 7 month ob check up. I have been pretty hungry lately, lets hope I didn't go overboard with gaining too much weight this month.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let's Get Ready to Rumble..

I just had a huge argument with my son's head teacher today. She is such a b..... :) The assistant teacher came up to me afterwards when I bumped into her outside the school and apologized to me for the main teacher's nastiness and rudeness. Anyway, let me backtrack so you know what I am talking about. Last Monday, #1 woke up with a fever. He had a stomach flu, and I kept him home until last Wednesday, when he seemed back to normal, no more diarrhea, throwing up, etc. He seemed fine the rest of the week. That shabbos, a certain relative gave us some food for shabbos, including some coleslaw. I think the coleslaw was not fresh because after both #1 and #3 ate it, they had diarrhea for a few times after that for a few days. but by this past Monday, #1 seemed again, back to normal. So I send him to school yesterday and they call me a half hour before school ends saying I need to pick him up, I should call my mother in law to have her do it (she has a car, but I don't so it takes me longer). but she wasn't home, and I informed the teacher of that, and that I will be there in 15 minutes as I had just picked up #2 from school and had to walk from place a. to place b. Please have him waiting and ready. So I race over there at 26 weeks pregnant with 3 kids in a triple stroller. She tells me he had very bad diarrhea and fell asleep in class and was very sick. I said ok (though he seemed fine to me, I tried to get into the pediatrician but he was booked for the rest of the day)..I took him home, and he seemed perfectly fine. he ate like normal, drank like normal. no diarrhea whastover. he had a veggie burger AND chicken for dinner, plus animal crackers for dessert. he was playful and energetic, not lethargic in the slightest way. he was more like the enerergizer bunny. so this morning I take him back to school. I had one foot off the elevator and his witch of a head teacher said to me, in a disgustingly nasty tone of voice, "EXCUSE ME, what are you doing bringing him here? I dont think so. (INSERT #1's name here) put your coat back on your going home. How could you bring him here, he was so sick, etc etc. I told her was was fine at home and had a normal BM today. He ate an entire bowl fo cherrios and milk for breakfast and did not seem sick in any way. I had an appointment anyway for #4's eczema with the pediatrician, so I took #1 back to get a note, but not before I told off his teacher. My pregnancy hormones took control LOL. but I am embarrassed for the way I spoke to her, I told her I hated this school and I was not sending him back next year and maybe I should just pull him out now and send him to public school for the remainder of the year. that I had enough of her shtick, from her shtick about his shoes to this shtick about diarrhea. that he seemed perfectly fine, he was not sick at home, he had a normal BM today, NOT diarretic. and she didn't care. so I took him and got a note. The pediatrician said NOTHING was wrong with him at all, and I could go back right now, and put him back in school today if I wanted to. I ended up bumping into the assistant teacher who was taking 2 of the kids on an outing and i gave her the note, which is when she told me she was so sorry for the way the head teacher was to me, that she wasn't taking sides, but that she felt the head teacher was really in my face and she could understand why I reacted like that. I have had enough of this school. Maybe I should have saved #1's BM as proof he doesn't have diarrhea anymore. :) Just kidding.

In other news, I also had the stomach flu over the weekend, and was busy throwing up and having horrible stomach aches. It has not been an easy week for me. Tomorrow I am meeting my friend for coffee in the mall with the kis, and I am really looking forward to it, shopping is great therapy :) even if its just window shopping.. :)

Not much else doing, next thursday I have my OB appt (I will be almost 28 weeks by next thursday.) I am starting to make a list of stuff I will need for the baby. I know its not good to buy before the baby is born but I need to have diapers to bring to the hospital with me, and wipes, and if I let another relative of hubby's do it, I may end up with a crap super cheap brand that will just leak, so better I do it myself. I probably wont' buy it till after Pesach, but I still need to make a list. with the stress I am under this past week maybe I should start packing my hospital bags now LOL. I wish my family lived in toronto. sometimes its hard for me to have to solely rely on hubby's family for every little thing I may need a hand with.

I am debating on whether or not its worth it to buy a new bouncy seat. I have been through 3 of them of far. they have been a lifesaver, but I am not really on planning on having more kids after #5 is born and if I buy a seat that is only good till the baby is 4 months old then its kind of a waste of money. I wonder if they make seats that you can use for longer. I will have to check into that.
Anyway, thats it for now..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Visit to L&D Unit Last Night...

Well, after cramping and feeling uncomfortable all day, I went to the L&D assessment room to make sure I did not have another abruption. B"H everything is fine. I like this hospital much better than the other one I gave birth at, so far, anyway. First, I got right in the triage room, and hooked up to a fetal monitor. Baby was doing fine, B"H. lots o movement and good heart rate B"H. I had to laugh when I saw what the nurse wrote under reasin why I came in,. It said "My child jumped on my belly.". LOL. Anyway, after being hooked up to the monitor for a half hour, and assessed by a resident doctor, the OB on call came in with a portable ultrasound machine. (another plus for this hospital. In the other hospital I gave birth at, I would have had to wait till the next day as the regular ultrasound technician is gone for the day after 5 pm.). It was interesting because he was explaining things to the resident and I got to learn too. :) Based on where my placenta is located, #3 jumping on it did not cause it any damage thank G-d. If my placenta was attached in another part of my uterus it may have been a different story. He told me that the baby has a "beautiful profle" bli eyen horah. :) I still couldn't clearly tell if it was boy or girl, and the baby kept putting his/her legs to its face as if it were being tznius LOL. I guess I will have only the previous ultrasound to go by gender. Not that it makes a difference. I am only very curious.

I still feel mildly crampy today but at least I can be reassured now things are fine thank G-d. The ob on call yesterday told me its normal to have some irritability with the uterus with multiple pregnancies. BTW he really reminded me of the doc from scrubs, the one with the curly hair, (not the main character, but the one who is his boss. I forget his name because I don't watch it much.). but this doc was much nicer than the one he reminded me of. didn't make me nervous at all. Maybe I will be lucky and he will be the one to deliver the baby, G-d willing. :)

that's it for now. #1 is home still with stomach flu and #3 is freaking out about wanting his pants on. Sigh. why did he take it off to begin with???. will post more later.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Final 15 week countdown begins...

Well, I am officially in the final 15 week countdown now. 15 weeks to go till babe is born G-d willing. I had a bit of a scare this morning, and am now taking the rest of the day off to just rest. I have a history of placental abruption (it happened with #3, after a bad fall and ironically, #3 is the one that caused the scare this time around to begin with..sigh.) I was sitting on the couch feeding #4, and #3 jumped off one couch and landed on the one I was sitting on, and landed right on my uterus, all 25 pounds of him. Everything got really tight and I had a contraction, and started feeling crampy. It happened this morning around 8:30 am. I started to panic a bit and paged my doula only to find out she is out of town until 21st of February. Luckily, one of my daughter's classmates mother is also a doula, and the one I was hoping would be my back up should my own doula be unavailable when I go into labour. I phoned her, but she was not home. She checked her messages though from where she was and called me back. I explained to her what happened, and she told me to call my OB to double check, but that being the baby is moving, B"H, and I am not bleeding or leaking fluid, its probably fine. she said if the cramping gets worse go to the hospital. I feel crampy still, but not as bad and I do feel movement B"H. I am still worried though. with my previous placental abruption I started bleeding the next day. G-d willing everything will be fine and I am just being my usual neruotic self :) I don't have to go anywhere today as I have someone picking up #2 from school and #1 is home with the stomach flu. He caught it from #2 who missed school Friday from it.
Sigh, oh ya, I have another cold for a change, but am feeling better, except for another stupid cought.

In other news, my super made a mistake and cashed 2 rent checks by accident (we give post dated checks, and one of the checks for december 2006 got cashed along with february's rent. I almost had a heart attack G-d forbid when I checked my account motzei shabbos. My bank is supposed to reverse the funds as the check is dated 1 year into the future. if not, my super said she will issue a check to me. She said she was wondering why my account had a credit instead of a zero balance. Now she knows why :)

Anyway, I am going to go check on my bids on ebay and go rest. I bought some dresses for #2 for the summer, new with tags and have a few more I am bidding on.

will post more later..

Anyway, I think I will go put my feet up. I am still crampy..