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Monday, February 06, 2006

Final 15 week countdown begins...

Well, I am officially in the final 15 week countdown now. 15 weeks to go till babe is born G-d willing. I had a bit of a scare this morning, and am now taking the rest of the day off to just rest. I have a history of placental abruption (it happened with #3, after a bad fall and ironically, #3 is the one that caused the scare this time around to begin with..sigh.) I was sitting on the couch feeding #4, and #3 jumped off one couch and landed on the one I was sitting on, and landed right on my uterus, all 25 pounds of him. Everything got really tight and I had a contraction, and started feeling crampy. It happened this morning around 8:30 am. I started to panic a bit and paged my doula only to find out she is out of town until 21st of February. Luckily, one of my daughter's classmates mother is also a doula, and the one I was hoping would be my back up should my own doula be unavailable when I go into labour. I phoned her, but she was not home. She checked her messages though from where she was and called me back. I explained to her what happened, and she told me to call my OB to double check, but that being the baby is moving, B"H, and I am not bleeding or leaking fluid, its probably fine. she said if the cramping gets worse go to the hospital. I feel crampy still, but not as bad and I do feel movement B"H. I am still worried though. with my previous placental abruption I started bleeding the next day. G-d willing everything will be fine and I am just being my usual neruotic self :) I don't have to go anywhere today as I have someone picking up #2 from school and #1 is home with the stomach flu. He caught it from #2 who missed school Friday from it.
Sigh, oh ya, I have another cold for a change, but am feeling better, except for another stupid cought.

In other news, my super made a mistake and cashed 2 rent checks by accident (we give post dated checks, and one of the checks for december 2006 got cashed along with february's rent. I almost had a heart attack G-d forbid when I checked my account motzei shabbos. My bank is supposed to reverse the funds as the check is dated 1 year into the future. if not, my super said she will issue a check to me. She said she was wondering why my account had a credit instead of a zero balance. Now she knows why :)

Anyway, I am going to go check on my bids on ebay and go rest. I bought some dresses for #2 for the summer, new with tags and have a few more I am bidding on.

will post more later..

Anyway, I think I will go put my feet up. I am still crampy..


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