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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let's Get Ready to Rumble..

I just had a huge argument with my son's head teacher today. She is such a b..... :) The assistant teacher came up to me afterwards when I bumped into her outside the school and apologized to me for the main teacher's nastiness and rudeness. Anyway, let me backtrack so you know what I am talking about. Last Monday, #1 woke up with a fever. He had a stomach flu, and I kept him home until last Wednesday, when he seemed back to normal, no more diarrhea, throwing up, etc. He seemed fine the rest of the week. That shabbos, a certain relative gave us some food for shabbos, including some coleslaw. I think the coleslaw was not fresh because after both #1 and #3 ate it, they had diarrhea for a few times after that for a few days. but by this past Monday, #1 seemed again, back to normal. So I send him to school yesterday and they call me a half hour before school ends saying I need to pick him up, I should call my mother in law to have her do it (she has a car, but I don't so it takes me longer). but she wasn't home, and I informed the teacher of that, and that I will be there in 15 minutes as I had just picked up #2 from school and had to walk from place a. to place b. Please have him waiting and ready. So I race over there at 26 weeks pregnant with 3 kids in a triple stroller. She tells me he had very bad diarrhea and fell asleep in class and was very sick. I said ok (though he seemed fine to me, I tried to get into the pediatrician but he was booked for the rest of the day)..I took him home, and he seemed perfectly fine. he ate like normal, drank like normal. no diarrhea whastover. he had a veggie burger AND chicken for dinner, plus animal crackers for dessert. he was playful and energetic, not lethargic in the slightest way. he was more like the enerergizer bunny. so this morning I take him back to school. I had one foot off the elevator and his witch of a head teacher said to me, in a disgustingly nasty tone of voice, "EXCUSE ME, what are you doing bringing him here? I dont think so. (INSERT #1's name here) put your coat back on your going home. How could you bring him here, he was so sick, etc etc. I told her was was fine at home and had a normal BM today. He ate an entire bowl fo cherrios and milk for breakfast and did not seem sick in any way. I had an appointment anyway for #4's eczema with the pediatrician, so I took #1 back to get a note, but not before I told off his teacher. My pregnancy hormones took control LOL. but I am embarrassed for the way I spoke to her, I told her I hated this school and I was not sending him back next year and maybe I should just pull him out now and send him to public school for the remainder of the year. that I had enough of her shtick, from her shtick about his shoes to this shtick about diarrhea. that he seemed perfectly fine, he was not sick at home, he had a normal BM today, NOT diarretic. and she didn't care. so I took him and got a note. The pediatrician said NOTHING was wrong with him at all, and I could go back right now, and put him back in school today if I wanted to. I ended up bumping into the assistant teacher who was taking 2 of the kids on an outing and i gave her the note, which is when she told me she was so sorry for the way the head teacher was to me, that she wasn't taking sides, but that she felt the head teacher was really in my face and she could understand why I reacted like that. I have had enough of this school. Maybe I should have saved #1's BM as proof he doesn't have diarrhea anymore. :) Just kidding.

In other news, I also had the stomach flu over the weekend, and was busy throwing up and having horrible stomach aches. It has not been an easy week for me. Tomorrow I am meeting my friend for coffee in the mall with the kis, and I am really looking forward to it, shopping is great therapy :) even if its just window shopping.. :)

Not much else doing, next thursday I have my OB appt (I will be almost 28 weeks by next thursday.) I am starting to make a list of stuff I will need for the baby. I know its not good to buy before the baby is born but I need to have diapers to bring to the hospital with me, and wipes, and if I let another relative of hubby's do it, I may end up with a crap super cheap brand that will just leak, so better I do it myself. I probably wont' buy it till after Pesach, but I still need to make a list. with the stress I am under this past week maybe I should start packing my hospital bags now LOL. I wish my family lived in toronto. sometimes its hard for me to have to solely rely on hubby's family for every little thing I may need a hand with.

I am debating on whether or not its worth it to buy a new bouncy seat. I have been through 3 of them of far. they have been a lifesaver, but I am not really on planning on having more kids after #5 is born and if I buy a seat that is only good till the baby is 4 months old then its kind of a waste of money. I wonder if they make seats that you can use for longer. I will have to check into that.
Anyway, thats it for now..


  • At 5:57 p.m., Blogger Mindy said…

    ahhh, I was wondering why youre cramming 5 kids in 5 years! is this it for you? how come?

  • At 6:08 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    Well, before we started having kids, we already knew we would want 5 if possible, but not more. Also, I have adenomyosis (endometriosis in the uterus) which may make pregnancy complicated in the future, prolapsed uterus and bladder, and I have a history of retained placenta, post partum hemorrhage, and mastitis. so, I think my body is tired now. my oldest son is also special needs in the aspect he has ADHD and asperger's syndrome. So I think its time for me to call it a day after #5 is born and just enjoy my kinderlach :)

  • At 11:02 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Hi Alison,
    Gosh! I just feel so bad for you, the way your son's teacher is treating you. Do you know if she picks on other parents? That just isn't right. Hope things get better somehow, and that the rest of the school year goes by VERY quickly. Hang in there.

    Glad you're feeling better, stomach flu..yuck. Stomach flue AND being pregnant! Yuck, yuck!! How do you do it? Where do you get your energy? I respect you, my one child wears me out.

    If you decide you really might want another bouncey seat, I might be able to find you a new-ish one and send it too you. I have one that I figure to save as I only have one baby so far, but I may have a friend or two with a slightly used bouncey that they might just give to me. I don't know why but a few of my friends have a lot of doubles. I don't know if you want a new seat though...anyway, let me knwo if you are interested and I can check around.

    Did you use any kind of baby sling with your kids? I'm thinking ahead for someday when I have #2. Looking for advice on comfortable slings, there are so many brands.

    Hope you have a nice, RELAXING time with your friend at the mall. That's exactly what I do when I need to get out, meet my friend at the mall and just walk, talk and window shop.
    Take good care,

  • At 11:27 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    last year, one of the parents I was friendly with had major problems with this teacher. this teacher used to slam the door in the parent's face whenever she answered her back on something they didn't agree with. I thought if I was low key I would avoid probs with this teacher, but I see it doesn't make a difference. this teacher is just a difficult person. Luckily there are enough assistant teachers and aides so hopefully I won't have much interaction with her.

    I get my energy from being a type A. hyper personality LOL. I remember, after I had #2, I had to have a laparoscopy, and I remember the nurse telling me I had to lay there and take it easy, and I couldn't. I was making phone calls from the phone in the recovery room, and I remember the nurse asking my hubby, is she always like this, not able to relax? LOL. and hubby said, pretty much :)

    Thanks for your offer of a bouncy seat, but I will probably end up looking for a new one, or also there is a baby gmach here where you can borrow baby stuff for short term loans. But it was very nice of you to offer. :)

    As far as slings go, I can't use a sling because I have scoliosis and it kills my back to wear a baby in a sling on it. I was in a brace for 2 years as a teen ager, and even to this day, when I get an epidural, its always difficult, and they hit bone a few times. but I hear great things about the baby bjorn. I heard from friends its really comfy. also baby trekker is supposed to be great too. they are a bit expensive but you may be able to get one on ebay for a good price.
    Thanks for your post :)

    I am off to sleep now, well, first reading, but then, I may be too lazy to get up to shut off the light, so probaby just sleep. I am really overtired. sheesh. Gnight :)

  • At 9:33 a.m., Blogger mommyof4 said…

    It seems everyone is having problems with the kids school. good teachers are a hard find. She needed to be told off. I am glad to see a new post I was wondering how you were! Take care!

  • At 9:30 a.m., Anonymous sunflower said…

    What is a bouncy seat? I think I might have one. We got it as a gift for #1, and we really havent' used it much. It would make me so happy to know someone is actually using it, as opposed to it sitting in my closet!!! Let me know if you're interested (and if we're talking about the same thing :).
    In the meantime, I'm just amazed at how you manage!! Please send some of your energy!!!

  • At 9:59 a.m., Blogger Alison said…

    A bouncy seat is this seat for infants to age 4 months or possibly longer, depending on model, that vibrates and soothes fussy babies. But I find they break easily, or maybe its just my kids are really hard on things. :) Thank you so much for your kind offer. Are you in the Greater Toronto Area? if you are, I may take you up on your offer. :) Otherwise, there would be shipping costs and possibly customs, but thank you so much anyway. :) It was very nice of you to offer :)

  • At 5:51 p.m., Anonymous Sunflower said…

    ok, we're talking about the same thing. how can I email you? i'm not in the toronto area, but that won't be a problem (will elaborate in email). or you can email me at sunflower0520032000@yahoo.ca


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