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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nesting, anyone?

I am officially 27 weeks pregnant today, B"H, almost into my third trimester. I woke up with an eagerness to clean and vacuum (UGH :P) so I am assuming I am having a first round of nesting instinct. I am pretty sure I am bugging hubby with it because I want to put away all four baskets of laundry and need him to lug it up the steps from the basement. :P So far, its only 10 am, and I have already gone to the bakery, threw away garbage bag from shabbos, and vacuumed the living room, in addition to doing regular stuff like feeding kids breakfast, changing diapers, etc. see, sometimes having a type A personality DOES pay off :) I don't remember having a nesting instinct this much with my other pregnancies. Maybe with each pregnancy, it gets stronger LOL.) or maybe because it tends to get messier in my house a bit faster as I have 4 kids age 5 and under, that is why its a stronger nesting instinct. I am going to take advantage of my sudden burst of energy today before I wake up tomorrow with a different attitude... my usual attitidude about cleaning is definitely not eagerness, but more one of dread towards cleaning up LOL. I am making hubby clean up the cholent pot and soup pot from shabbos.

Today #2 is going to another birthday party of a classmate. Lets hope she doesn't cause a scene again when I pick her up like she did at that last party she was at. She threw a huge tantrum when it was time to go home because she wanted to bring home the present she gave the little girl for her party, and then threw another big tantrum because she was missing an arts and craft project she did at the party. I think she was just really overstimulated by all the activity, and it was the first party she ever went to that was for a friend and not family.

In other news, I am worried about #1's lack of pooping in the potty. He is still stubborn about it, and my pediatrician said he doesn't know what other advice to give other than be patient. I am worried what will be when the school we want to send him to in September finds out when they go to his current school next month to observe him. He has until August before I will really panic but I am going to have to find a way to bribe him to get him to go potty. We were using the curious george movie but it seems to have stopped working because yesterday he made a big mess :( He smirks about it too, and thinks its funny. I think maybe the best course of action is just not commenting on it and not giving him a reaction and hopefully he will then realize its time to go in the right place. I know kids with ADHD/Aspergers train late, but isn't 5 1/2 getting to be REALLY late? though, he just finally got trained for pee..and I know poop takes longer..

Thursday I have my 7 month ob check up. I have been pretty hungry lately, lets hope I didn't go overboard with gaining too much weight this month.


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