A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

8 (7?) weeks to go IYH!!! :)

I am a bit confused on how many weeks I have left until my EDD. You would think,being this is my fifth, B"H, that I would already know. I thought I had 8 weeks left but I read somewhere that I have already completed 32 and am starting week 33, so technically I have 7 weeks left. Confusing, LOL. The baby will come when he/she is ready, but I still like to have a rough idea. :)

We officially moved the bedrooms around. Now #2 will have #4 and G-d willing #5 in her room, and #1 and #3 are in the other room. We had a hard time finding room for the change table and one of the dressers, but in the end we had some inventive ideas and managed to find room for it. I am wondering what will I do when G-d willing #4 and IY"H #5 are ready for beds. I think we will have to investigate bunk beds or trundle beds. There is no way to fit 2 more full sized beds in the room with #2. or maybe we will win the lottery by then and will have a nice 4 bedroom house of our own :)

Now I have to go through boxes to see what I have left over from #2's baby clothes that is still usable and what I will need for when after the baby is born G-d willing. #2 was born in may. In fact, my EDD is one week before her 4th birthday :)

As far as pesach cleaning goes...WAAAAAAH :( I am going to start tomorrow upstairs. I did a preliminary clean when we moved the beds around but it needs a more thorough job. I will do it tomorrow because I am running out of enery for today.

Not much else doing this week. Just lots of pesach cleaning ahead, and Friday's appointment with the pediatric dermatologist for #4.

Will post more stuff later when I am not so tired. :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

32 week check-up

I just had my 32 week OB check up. I only gained 2 lbs (yay!) bringing my pregnancy weight gain to a total of 19 1/2 lbs. :) Baby is fine B"H. Everything looked good B"H. My OB told me the frequent braxton hicks and cramping were normal as this is my fifth pregnancy, and she urged me to do lots of kegels. I am going back in 2 weeks IY"H. The problem was with scheduling, which was a total nightmare to do. My brother in law has an appointment in 2 weeks on the day I would have gone to my OB, and she could not fit me in earlier in the week. Every time I suggested was booked, and every time she suggested was bad for me. She kept suggesting pm appointments but thats impossible for me, I have to pick up my kids from school, and it takes me an hour to get there via a bus and 2 subway lines. In the end, I am going back slightly over 2 weeks, on the 11th of April. I felt irritated at the secretary for some reason, but I know its not her fault the doc was so booked. I asked her if it would be this difficult to schedule my remaining appointments because I could not go in the pm at all, period. she promised me there would be am appointments for the appointment I schedule after that, and after that I will be going weekly (yikes!) The big day is fast approaching IY"H. Yikes LOL.

Anyway, while I am waiting for the bus home, after riding 2 subway lines some inconsiderate yutz lights up a cigarette right in front of me, obviously not caring he was blowing smoke on a pregnant person, and also the non smoking sign was right next to him that says you will be fined for smoking in the TTC area a. I wanted to tell him off but he looked like a punk, so I just moved away. Some people...sheesh.

I didn't ask my OB but I think the baby has slighty dropped. I noticed it this morning, and my mother in law confirmed my suspicions when she pointed out that there is more space now on top LOL. cool.

In other news, I took #4 to the pediatrician regarding her skin problems. He referred us to a pediatric dermatologist, who is seeing us next friday (the 31). My pediatrician said it looks like she has seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Poor girl..he gave us some creams to use until we see the dermatologist.

That's it for now, will post more later. This weekend I am going to attempt to clean upstairs for pesach..and we are moving the kids rooms around, #1 and #3 are going into the other room where #4 and an empty crib are now, and #4 and empty crib are moving into the room where #2 is. then I have to move all their clothes around too. and I want to sort through the baby clothes to see what I have for future baby #5 to be G-d willing.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

31 week update

Well, B"H, I have 9 weeks to go till my due date. This post is a bit cranky today :P I am letting you know now before you start reading :P I have been having a lot of cramping and braxton hicks these past few days, which I am slightly worried about and will be mentioning to my OB at my appointment this Thursday. I spoke to my doula the first time it happened, but when it happened again and really hurt, the third night in a row, I called and never received a return call, which I am annoyed and not surprised at. As wonderful as my doula is, she has about 5 other girls due the same month as me, plus she has a reflexology business she does on the side, and a large family bli eyen hora. I guess I should have probably paged her, but I didn't want to bother her for something that is not labour. but I am paying A LOT of money to her for being my doula, so it kind of irks me a bit. I hope she returns my call to set up the appointment for when I will be 36 weeks, or else I will have to page her for that. I need to set it up for the last week in April. That is when I will be 36 weeks G-d willing.

I am in a cranky mood today I guess because the weekend is my only time to sleep past 6:30 am, and for the past two days, #1 #2 and #3 have rudely awakened me at 6:00 a.m. by barging into my room and saying "I want breakfast" and then jumping on my bed. Gee, well good morning to you too. Yesterday they were just really noisy and wild until I gave up on them going back to sleep for another hour and went downstairs before 7 am shabbos morning to start my day. Today #1 proceeds to turn on the computer and wake up the baby all before I step foot out of bed. #2 even brought a baby rattle to shake to awake me with this morning. Sigh! After I have the baby G-d willing, I hope they knock this off because I will be totally exhausted and would like to sleep in till 7 ish depending on the new born's schedule. I should try to put them to sleep a bit later on the weekend and maybe they will sleep in. Hubby is a pretty deep sleeper, so I don't think he really heard them even come in.

This week is a very busy week. Tuesday I have an appointment for #3 for his ear tubes, I have to go somwhere with hubby that night briefly and after that I am supposed to see some "Kosher Comic" at my shul but I am not sure if I really want to go. its going to be very crowded, and I am tired by 8 pm, especially after shlepping to two different places plus being 8 months pregnant, taking the kids to and from school too. I start my day at 6:30 am and I am feeling cranky lately. My mother in law was kind enough to pay for my ticket, but that was before they switched the date of the kosher comic. I received one weeks notice of the new date and I already had 2 different places to go.

Wednesday I have an appointment for #4's eczema which has really flared up, and Thursday is my OB appointment for my 32 week check up (I will be almost 32 weeks by then).

I will post more later when I feel less cranky. Now I have to go remake the bed that #2 decided to strip because she wanted to "build a treehouse" (not sure what she is talking about, but now I am going to have to remake the bed anyway) Never a dull moment here LOL.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feeling better today B"H

I got ahold of my doula and as per her instructions had 1 oz. of wine to calm the contractions and B"H it worked. I feel much better today, no more braxton hicks and cramping thank G-d. A little more than 9 weeks left till my due date. :)

Now in other news..I am peeved at the part time aide that was working with #1 this morning. he went with her to "brush his teeth". (the class has a routine every morning of brushing teeth, and then davening circle. So I went into the elevator and went upstairs to leave, and guess who was running up the stairs to give me a hug about 2 minutes later? No teacher or aide in sight. It took her about 4 minutes to realize he was missing. I was upset..If I was not there he could have run out of the building or gone elsewhere in the building. I spoke to his regular aide about it. I asked why wasnt the lady that was working with him right on top of it when he first ran out of the bathroom to begin with? where was she when he left the bathroom?? why did it take her almost 5 minutes to realize he was gone??? It's a good thing #3 had pulled off his shoes and socks, that is the only reason why I was still there when #1 came up the stairs. I was putting on #3's shoes and socks again. his regular aide had said she will keep an eye on the part time aide. I got the impression from the regular aide there some complaints before about the part time aide.

Not much else doing. I started my Pesach shopping today officially. I bought 4 boxes of shmura matzah, I think the supermarket priced it wrong..3.97 a box?? its usually 9.99. I asked the cashier to double check and it came up as 3.97. hey, I am not complaining.. :) I saved a bunch of $. :) I also bought orbitol pesachdig toothpaste. I am a bit concerned that it contains saccharin..but its only for a week so I guess no harm in that. The supermarket I usually go to is already completely cleaned out of chometz :( What will my kids do when I run out of animal crackers before Pesach? Maybe its an incentive to become chometz free now instead of a week before Pesach. :)

well, thats the update for today..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who is this braxton hicks anyway?!?

Thanks Mr braxton hicks for these annoying contractions I have been having for the past few days. Its very uncomfortable. I also have been feeling pretty crampy. The iron pills upset my stomach which I am wondering is maybe making my uterus very irritable. I left word on my doula's machine. I also feel pretty crampy too. I am only 30 weeks 4 days, so I am a bit concerned. My OB appointment is not until next Thursday, and If I call the office they will probably make me go to the assessment room and I don't feel like sitting there for 5 hours. Its probably nothing. but it still is uncomfortable.

On a better note, I hope everyone had a great fun filled Purim. I had a nice Purim, lots of nosh, but hubby took the brownie bites. He knows my weakness for them :) But at least I got the chocolates with the fake pina colada flavour, which were pretty yummy. :)
My kids have enough nosh to last them a while :)

Today was #1's Purim play and I brought the bubbe and the zaide along with #3 and #4, after #2's eye appointment. We were just 5 minutes late, not that late at all, like I thought we would be. It was cute. then we had hamantashen and apple juice. My father in law, who is a pharmacist, is extremely health conscious and did not approve of the choice of snacks. He said the kids were on their way to metformin (LOL..) (metformin is a med for diabetes). I don't think one cookie is going to cause insulin dependence LOL. :) But it was a cute play and my father in law has a really nice camera and took some pics. My son was dressed in a Haman costume his great grandfather had made for my husband when he was that age. (he was a tailor). except he would only wear the hat, not the tunic which even had a fake cardboard sword attached.. Cute :)

I am ending this post now because I want to try to get ahold of my doula. I just had another braxton hicks that kind of hurt, and now I am starting to worry a bit.

Pooh :(

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Final 10 Coundown Begins!!

Today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant B"H. Now I am in the final 10 countdown. On the upside, I am feeling stronger kicks and movement B"H. I feel I am almost at the touch down line now :) Now for my kvetch (I am feeling cranky, and will explain why in a moment.)I am feeling pretty uncomfortable now, and that kind of makes me wory how I will feel in a few weeks if I am already feeling discomfort now. My prolapse has decided to misbehave, and its causing me a lot of discomfort and a bit of pain. It's not popping back in like usual. (I have a uterine/bladder prolapse, but it has never really bothered me before.) I also am having a bit of trouble getting up from a sitting position now and waking the stairs is no longer very easy. I am wondering if this baby is going to be a monster size or maybe I am just feeling more discomfort because its my fifth pregnancy.

Now as for why I am cranky...#1 has decided 6 am is an appropriate wake up time for shabbos morning and today. Yesterday #1 woke up at 6 am and was being pretty busy, and then he woke up the other kids. They were a bi t on the wild side in the afternoon, and hubby was having his shabbos nap, so that kind of made me grumpy, that he got to nap :P. I want a shabbos nap too :P Next time I think I will make him stay downstairs with the kids and I will take a nap. Hey, I am in my last trimester, I think I am entitled :P. Then today, #3 wakes up at 5 am and pretty much stayed up since. #1 woke up at 6 am and decided to wake up the other two. Hubby is sleeping in, again, but that's good, because later, when I want to nap, after being up since 5 am, he will be refreshed and full of energy to look after the kids while I get to have a rest. :P

Now on to other, less kvetchy, stuff. This week is Purim, of course. :) The kids are excited about it. #2 is having a puppet play on wednesday morning(shushan Purim), but unfortunately will miss it as she has an eye appointment that morning and will be late for school. #1 is having a small Purim play, also wednesday morning. His teacher actually had the chutzpah to tell me to change my appointment time for #2, which I made 6 months ago. She told me about the play 1 week before Purim!) I told her I would be there, but might be late (it starts 11:30, so I will probably be 10 minutes late or so, and the teacher said it will probably not start on time anyway.) I can not change the appointment for #2, this doc is booked months in advance, with no openings. wednesday is going to be a crazy day, now I will have to take #2 to the eye doc, then take her to school, then go back in the opposite direction to #1's school for the play. My mother in law will be there, she is driving us, thank G-d, but #3 and #4 will be there too and I am not sure how happy they will be with all the shlepping. but I don't want to miss #1's play. even if I am late, the fact that I am there is what counts. I don't want #1 to be sad that I am not there, and all the other parents from the class are.

that's pretty much it for now. Sorry for being cranky. I am just pretty tired and hormonal right now :P. I will post more later in the week IY"H.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

11 weeks to go and counting....

11 weeks IY"H to my EDD!!. Time is ticking. I feel huge, and have already gotten the rude comment "you are only carrying one?" from some 20 year old cashier in the supermarket." Sigh...

Sorry for not posting all week, but #2 had an ear infection, now #1, and hubby are sick :(. both are running fevers. So far, I don't feel feverish, B"H. Just a bit achy, with a sore throat. Hopefully I will not get sick. I took #1 to a walk in clinic this afternoon and we had to wait 2 hours in a crowded room full of sick people..the doc there said his throat was a bit red, but it looked viral, not like strep, but if he still sick in 2 days I should bring him in to the pediatrician or back to the walk in clinic. I really hope he is better by then. he is supposed to go on a class trip wednesday and he is really looking forward to it. I would hate for him to miss it :(

#2 is having a pre purim carnival at school Wednesday and parents are invited. I asked my mother in law to watch #3 and #4, so that should make things easier. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. They will have games she can play, and win prizes (I hope no goldfish are prizes LOL.) There will be cotton candy, apple juice and cookies that the kids have made with their class.

Last night, hubby and I went to a game night sponsored by the young family group of our shul. Our table decided to name our team "exhausted parents inc." LOL. we were tied for second place, and each couple at our table won movie tickets. Hubby and I are saving ours for May or June, there are a few movies we want to see, but it depends on when #5 decides to make his/her appearance. I want to go into labour in the middle of the movie, it will make things exciting LOL. Just kidding. There was a lot of junk food served last night and I got hooked on the sugar gum drops. There was also lasagna, ziti, garlic knots, caesar salad, cookies and fruit served. I had a bit of of each. I am going to be in huge trouble when I go on the scale for my next ob appointment. I am going to stop eating garbage now before I end up gaining 10 lbs this month..but what will I do with the nosh from the shaloch manos next week? For some reason,when I am pregnant, I have a huge appetite for chocolate, and its hard to resist when its being delivered right to your front door LOL. anyway, getting back to last night. Before dinner, there was wine and cheese and crackers served but I did not have any wine at all. As far as cheese goes, I had the cheddar but not the goat cheese. I read somewhere its not safe to eat goat cheese when pregnant due to listeria risk. the first thing I want to try after baby is born IY"H is goat cheese. it looked so yummy.

Now for pregnancy talk. I am thinking I will start packing my hospital bags around Pesach time. Pesach I will be 35 weeks IY"H. I have never gone more than 5 days early, but you never know, and I want to be prepared. I still have to buy the diapers, formula to take with me to the hospital as they do not provide diapers for you except for maybe 2, and I have to use the nestle good start formula as every single one of my kids have had an intolerance to regular milk formulas. (please do not comment on my choice to bottle feed as I am not getting into a debate about it. thanks. :) I figure I will buy that stuff after pesach. I will just start packing some pjs, underwear, etc to have ready before pesach I guess. I am a bit anxious about the retained placenta/post partum hemmoraging thing, I am going to ask my doula to please stay with me for a bit after the birth to make sure things don't get crazy again. Last time, after she left, I started to hemorrage, and they had to give me an oxytocin drip for 25 hours. (maybe if they bothered removing all the placenta it would not have been as bad.) but anyway, this is a new hospital, so IY"H things will be better and easier this time around. I hear the hospital has a jacuzzi for mothers in labour, but being I need to get the epidural (in order for them to manually remove the placental fragments after birth.) so I will miss out on the jacuzzi. but I still want to see it.

Anyways, thats it for now. Will try to post more later in the week.