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Sunday, March 05, 2006

11 weeks to go and counting....

11 weeks IY"H to my EDD!!. Time is ticking. I feel huge, and have already gotten the rude comment "you are only carrying one?" from some 20 year old cashier in the supermarket." Sigh...

Sorry for not posting all week, but #2 had an ear infection, now #1, and hubby are sick :(. both are running fevers. So far, I don't feel feverish, B"H. Just a bit achy, with a sore throat. Hopefully I will not get sick. I took #1 to a walk in clinic this afternoon and we had to wait 2 hours in a crowded room full of sick people..the doc there said his throat was a bit red, but it looked viral, not like strep, but if he still sick in 2 days I should bring him in to the pediatrician or back to the walk in clinic. I really hope he is better by then. he is supposed to go on a class trip wednesday and he is really looking forward to it. I would hate for him to miss it :(

#2 is having a pre purim carnival at school Wednesday and parents are invited. I asked my mother in law to watch #3 and #4, so that should make things easier. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. They will have games she can play, and win prizes (I hope no goldfish are prizes LOL.) There will be cotton candy, apple juice and cookies that the kids have made with their class.

Last night, hubby and I went to a game night sponsored by the young family group of our shul. Our table decided to name our team "exhausted parents inc." LOL. we were tied for second place, and each couple at our table won movie tickets. Hubby and I are saving ours for May or June, there are a few movies we want to see, but it depends on when #5 decides to make his/her appearance. I want to go into labour in the middle of the movie, it will make things exciting LOL. Just kidding. There was a lot of junk food served last night and I got hooked on the sugar gum drops. There was also lasagna, ziti, garlic knots, caesar salad, cookies and fruit served. I had a bit of of each. I am going to be in huge trouble when I go on the scale for my next ob appointment. I am going to stop eating garbage now before I end up gaining 10 lbs this month..but what will I do with the nosh from the shaloch manos next week? For some reason,when I am pregnant, I have a huge appetite for chocolate, and its hard to resist when its being delivered right to your front door LOL. anyway, getting back to last night. Before dinner, there was wine and cheese and crackers served but I did not have any wine at all. As far as cheese goes, I had the cheddar but not the goat cheese. I read somewhere its not safe to eat goat cheese when pregnant due to listeria risk. the first thing I want to try after baby is born IY"H is goat cheese. it looked so yummy.

Now for pregnancy talk. I am thinking I will start packing my hospital bags around Pesach time. Pesach I will be 35 weeks IY"H. I have never gone more than 5 days early, but you never know, and I want to be prepared. I still have to buy the diapers, formula to take with me to the hospital as they do not provide diapers for you except for maybe 2, and I have to use the nestle good start formula as every single one of my kids have had an intolerance to regular milk formulas. (please do not comment on my choice to bottle feed as I am not getting into a debate about it. thanks. :) I figure I will buy that stuff after pesach. I will just start packing some pjs, underwear, etc to have ready before pesach I guess. I am a bit anxious about the retained placenta/post partum hemmoraging thing, I am going to ask my doula to please stay with me for a bit after the birth to make sure things don't get crazy again. Last time, after she left, I started to hemorrage, and they had to give me an oxytocin drip for 25 hours. (maybe if they bothered removing all the placenta it would not have been as bad.) but anyway, this is a new hospital, so IY"H things will be better and easier this time around. I hear the hospital has a jacuzzi for mothers in labour, but being I need to get the epidural (in order for them to manually remove the placental fragments after birth.) so I will miss out on the jacuzzi. but I still want to see it.

Anyways, thats it for now. Will try to post more later in the week.


  • At 9:19 p.m., Blogger Mindy said…

    Wow. Time really flies.
    you had baby #4 when I got pregnant with my long awaited baby (born after 9 years of infertility). My son is now six months old and you're almost giving birth to your next baby!! I remember you JUST announced your pregnancy, and you only have 11 weeks left? For me time did not MOVE during the pregnancy - when I had 11 weeeks left i went to therapy and broke down adn cried how i would survive the stress of 11 more weeks - I was so afraid of a loss ch'v. I ended up deliverin four weeks later :).

    As for the bottle feeding, now I finally understand how you're having five kids under five. You're not nursing so you don't have any form of birth control!

    good luck and bshaa tova.


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