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Sunday, March 26, 2006

8 (7?) weeks to go IYH!!! :)

I am a bit confused on how many weeks I have left until my EDD. You would think,being this is my fifth, B"H, that I would already know. I thought I had 8 weeks left but I read somewhere that I have already completed 32 and am starting week 33, so technically I have 7 weeks left. Confusing, LOL. The baby will come when he/she is ready, but I still like to have a rough idea. :)

We officially moved the bedrooms around. Now #2 will have #4 and G-d willing #5 in her room, and #1 and #3 are in the other room. We had a hard time finding room for the change table and one of the dressers, but in the end we had some inventive ideas and managed to find room for it. I am wondering what will I do when G-d willing #4 and IY"H #5 are ready for beds. I think we will have to investigate bunk beds or trundle beds. There is no way to fit 2 more full sized beds in the room with #2. or maybe we will win the lottery by then and will have a nice 4 bedroom house of our own :)

Now I have to go through boxes to see what I have left over from #2's baby clothes that is still usable and what I will need for when after the baby is born G-d willing. #2 was born in may. In fact, my EDD is one week before her 4th birthday :)

As far as pesach cleaning goes...WAAAAAAH :( I am going to start tomorrow upstairs. I did a preliminary clean when we moved the beds around but it needs a more thorough job. I will do it tomorrow because I am running out of enery for today.

Not much else doing this week. Just lots of pesach cleaning ahead, and Friday's appointment with the pediatric dermatologist for #4.

Will post more stuff later when I am not so tired. :)


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