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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feeling better today B"H

I got ahold of my doula and as per her instructions had 1 oz. of wine to calm the contractions and B"H it worked. I feel much better today, no more braxton hicks and cramping thank G-d. A little more than 9 weeks left till my due date. :)

Now in other news..I am peeved at the part time aide that was working with #1 this morning. he went with her to "brush his teeth". (the class has a routine every morning of brushing teeth, and then davening circle. So I went into the elevator and went upstairs to leave, and guess who was running up the stairs to give me a hug about 2 minutes later? No teacher or aide in sight. It took her about 4 minutes to realize he was missing. I was upset..If I was not there he could have run out of the building or gone elsewhere in the building. I spoke to his regular aide about it. I asked why wasnt the lady that was working with him right on top of it when he first ran out of the bathroom to begin with? where was she when he left the bathroom?? why did it take her almost 5 minutes to realize he was gone??? It's a good thing #3 had pulled off his shoes and socks, that is the only reason why I was still there when #1 came up the stairs. I was putting on #3's shoes and socks again. his regular aide had said she will keep an eye on the part time aide. I got the impression from the regular aide there some complaints before about the part time aide.

Not much else doing. I started my Pesach shopping today officially. I bought 4 boxes of shmura matzah, I think the supermarket priced it wrong..3.97 a box?? its usually 9.99. I asked the cashier to double check and it came up as 3.97. hey, I am not complaining.. :) I saved a bunch of $. :) I also bought orbitol pesachdig toothpaste. I am a bit concerned that it contains saccharin..but its only for a week so I guess no harm in that. The supermarket I usually go to is already completely cleaned out of chometz :( What will my kids do when I run out of animal crackers before Pesach? Maybe its an incentive to become chometz free now instead of a week before Pesach. :)

well, thats the update for today..


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