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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who is this braxton hicks anyway?!?

Thanks Mr braxton hicks for these annoying contractions I have been having for the past few days. Its very uncomfortable. I also have been feeling pretty crampy. The iron pills upset my stomach which I am wondering is maybe making my uterus very irritable. I left word on my doula's machine. I also feel pretty crampy too. I am only 30 weeks 4 days, so I am a bit concerned. My OB appointment is not until next Thursday, and If I call the office they will probably make me go to the assessment room and I don't feel like sitting there for 5 hours. Its probably nothing. but it still is uncomfortable.

On a better note, I hope everyone had a great fun filled Purim. I had a nice Purim, lots of nosh, but hubby took the brownie bites. He knows my weakness for them :) But at least I got the chocolates with the fake pina colada flavour, which were pretty yummy. :)
My kids have enough nosh to last them a while :)

Today was #1's Purim play and I brought the bubbe and the zaide along with #3 and #4, after #2's eye appointment. We were just 5 minutes late, not that late at all, like I thought we would be. It was cute. then we had hamantashen and apple juice. My father in law, who is a pharmacist, is extremely health conscious and did not approve of the choice of snacks. He said the kids were on their way to metformin (LOL..) (metformin is a med for diabetes). I don't think one cookie is going to cause insulin dependence LOL. :) But it was a cute play and my father in law has a really nice camera and took some pics. My son was dressed in a Haman costume his great grandfather had made for my husband when he was that age. (he was a tailor). except he would only wear the hat, not the tunic which even had a fake cardboard sword attached.. Cute :)

I am ending this post now because I want to try to get ahold of my doula. I just had another braxton hicks that kind of hurt, and now I am starting to worry a bit.

Pooh :(


  • At 2:11 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    :( Alison, are you ok? Did the Braxton Hicks subside a bit? Hope you are feeling better!


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