A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

37 week OB check up (3 weeks left IY"H!)

I had my 37 week OB check up today with the doc who was covering for my regular OB. According to their scale, I lost 4 lbs (????) I was a bit worried, but they told me maybe because it was a different scale than the one my OB uses. but that is kind of a big discrepancy... I had my GBS swab today, and also the doc did a quickie ultrasound with the machine in her office. B"H baby is now head down, good amount of fluid, and we saw the gender, which confirmed the gender the original ultrasound showed at 18 weeks :) According to measurements, the baby seems to be about 6 lbs 6 oz right now (3 kg) but you know ultrasound is never exact with the weights. I go back next Thursday to my regular OB for my 38 week check up, and next friday I have my surgery consult with the OB who will be doing some minor day surgery sometime over the summer.

Last night I met with my doula for my nine month review. While she was here, she checked the baby's position, and I was having a mild contraction or two. I also had some today too. Hopefully it is doing something, like effacement or even dilating slightly?? I hope. :) I don't want to be checked because if these annoying contractions that I have been having infrequently are doing nothing, it will make me frustrated. We decided to not use the caulophyllum this time as it has not worked for me the last two pregnancies. (it helps start labour if your body is ready.) We also went over what to do if I go into labour on shabbos, (have to figure that one out on who can watch the kids. My doula said there is no time for hubby to shlep the kids to his parents house and come back, as B"H my labours have been quick the last few times. I have a neighbor or two I think I could ask in a pinch.) So, now I just sit back and wait for the show to begin :) I don't want it to begin until after my surgery consult next friday, so I can get booked for surgery. then the baby can come, LOL. Hear that baby? stay in there till after may 5th. :P watch, I will probably go overdue again and have to be induced.

onto other news...the school I want to send #1 to is finally going to observe him at his current school on Monday. Yay :) hopefully everything will go well and I will finally find out if he accepted! :) (please G-d he will be accepted, I do not want to send him back to the school he is currently at.)

Will post more later :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

36-weeks B"H! 4 to go IY"H!!

Wow, now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. 4 weeks to go. I am having my 36 week check up on Wednesday, but it will be with another ob this one time as my regular ob will be away. the doc is supposed to take a quick peek with the ultrasound to make sure babe is head down. I am slightly worried the baby is transverse, but I am hopefully wrong. Maybe then I will be able to confirm the gender, not that it makes a difference, but because I am insanely curious :) I feel kind of nauseous lately and am having some digestive issues, which I think are probably hormonally related. Also having bad lower back pain lately too, off and on. This upcoming week I will have to buy some bottles, silicone nipples, formula for hospital, and an extra pack of diapers and some womenly supplies that the hospital is too cheap to provide :) I am meeting with my doula G-d willing on Monday to go over stuff for the birth. I am undecided on whether I will try the caulophyllum. It only worked once, with #2, I had her 5 days early. with #3 and #4, it just drove me nuts with making my uterus irritable. I'll see what she says about it and then make my decision. Next Friday, I also have an appointment to take #4 to the dermatologist again. Her skin is looking better, and the doc had said if it improves, no need to take her back in, but some of hubby's relatives are bugging me to take her in anyway. I will, but its going to be a waste of time. Oh well... :)

So, anyways, now Pesach is over. I have to say I am very relieved. This has been the longest hardest chag for me. My kids did not adjust well to no chometz. If I hear the phrase, "Hungry" one more time I will scream :) They ate constantly but still kvetched about being hungry. I think they were just bored, honestly. Last night I went to mac's (a canadian version of 7-11), and got a slushie, a rip off 5 dollar box of froot loops so the kids have cereal for breakfast, some chocolate covered pretzels, and a tradition soup for hubby. A lot of people had the same idea, it was crowded with other frummies in the store :) Also, the kosher pizza place was opened motzei yom tov and it was packed! I decided to hold off on suprising hubby with pizza. too crowded. I had fun with the chocolate covered pretzels. :)

Anyway, kids are still sleeping. (they have been going to bed late as no school. but school starts monday...YAY! :) I will have to get them used to going to bed at a normal time again starting sunday. They usually go to bed between 7:30 and 8, but because we were not home for yom tov, we got back very late, so the kids got to bed on the late side, and slept in the next day. (It was nice to sleep in. :) I haven't done that in years). But I think I will take advantage of them still sleeping and do some laundry. I have a lot of laundry catch up to do now because of the chag. Will post more later.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

5 (4?) weeks till my EDD!!

Well, I am now 35+2! I finally bought diapers today to take with me to the hospital. After Pesach, I will buy another pack, plus some formula as the hospital doesn't use my formula of choice, nestle good start. I know its not kosher, but I spoke to the rabbi at the COR (a Toronto kosher organization) who said it was ok, as long as I use the bathroom sink (its only a very minute ingredient that is treif). No breast feeding lectures, please. :) I also will have to buy some snacks for myself as I heard from friends the kosher hospital food is inedible. I would ask hubby to bring me some kosher king but they just went out of business :(. There is always some yummy kosher Chinese food near by too. :)

My Pesach so far is ok I guess, but #1 is driving me nuts with "Hungry". Every second LOL. Even my mother in law was starting to get annoyed at him. There is tons of food around for him to eat, and he is eating everything. I think he is confusing hungry with bored. #4 has some virus or something. I called medvisit to make a housecall this morning as she had the runs and was not eating well since Thursday. The doc said she is fine, ears and throat are clear, and it must be a virus. I am worried because of how she is so fussy with eating. She does have 4 teeth and a set of molars coming in. I wonder if that would cause her to have the runs and not interested in food. I am going to try to phone my pediatrician's office tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment, but I am sure its going to be a complete zoo and I probably won't even be able to get through the phone line as he has been away for Passover (he is also frum).

Not much else doing. My next ob appointment is the 26th, My Ob is away and I am seeing one on call, a perinatologist, because she is one of the few docs with an ultrasound in her office and my ob wanted a peek to make sure baby is head down, but won't be there that week to do it. I am also supposed to get a gbs swab. I am hoping the doc can see the gender this time. I am still pretty doubtful because the technician who did my ultrasound at 18 weeks was new, and rude and nasty to boot and got bitchy when I asked her the gender. She didn't even try to check in my opinion. She is the same nasty girl I got when I had the retained placenta after #4 and refused to tell me anything and scared the crap out of me.

Well, that's about it for now, I am going to hubbys parents for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. I made it clear we will not be going there for shavuos as I will only be a week or two post partum at most. I can't say my mother in law was too happy with my decision but I am sorry, I am not going to shlep out 5 kids and push a triple stroller a week after having a baby IY"H. That's it for now. Will post more later

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's sooner than you think!

New due date: May 19 instead of the 21, IY"H. yes, I know its only 3 days, but now I am practically 35 weeks starting week 36 soon instead of being 34 weeks on the verge of 35. I had my 34 week ob appointment today. I gained nothing, blood pressure was on the low side, 122/58. Maybe thats why I felt kind of blah. or could be from pesach cleaning :P I am going back in two weeks, but not sure of what day as my ob will be away and they are squeezing me into another doc for my 36 week check up. My OB wants to take a quick peek at the baby via ultrasound to make sure he/she's head down and do the group b strep swab, but now it looks like it will have to be done by the doc I am seeing for that one week. the secretary is supposed to call me to let me know what day in the last week of april my appointment is. After that, I go back may 4th, may 9th, may 16th, and then, hopefully baby will be born IY"H. I better stop procrastinating and buy diapers to take with me to the hospital! After pesach I better finish packing my hospital bags too.

Yesterday was #4's well baby check up. She didn't gain weight this time or grow inches because of her very fussy eating :( (she seems to prefer to feed the floor rather than eat it herself, and I try many varities of food for her.), so my pediatrician told me to put her back on the follow up formula to give her some extra calories. Hopefully that will help and the nxt appointment she will be back to her normal weight gain and growth. she gained fine at the previous appointment, and then she started having trouble with diarrhea so I had to put her on lactose free milk and then build back up to homogenized, but now its back to the follow up formula. Hopefully this time she will tolerate it better. She also had her prevnar vaccine. Well, I got to finish last minute pesach preparations, got to finish the kitchen! Hope everyone has a great pesach, and will post more after yom tov IY"H.

Friday, April 07, 2006

6 (5?) weeks to go IY"H!!!

I am going to be 34 weeks on Sunday IY"H. So I think that means I will be starting week 35,leaving me with aproximately 5 weeks till my due date, why do they make it so confusing LOL? I am going for my 34 week check up on Tuesday. Monday I have #4's well baby 15 month check up. She is getting some vaccinations, but we are declining the chicken pox vaccine because a. I am pregnant and am not 100 percent sure of my immunity to it, and there is a chance she could get chicken pox from the vaccine. b. because no one knows how long the immunity lasts for from the vaccine, possibly leaving her able to get chicken pox at a much older age when the vaccine wears off. i asked the nurse and she confirmed this, so we decided to wait until age 10, if she doesn't have it by then, then we will get her a chicken pox vaccine.

I am back in the market to buy a mobile, courtesy of #3 hurling the mobile to the ground yesterday, and breaking a piece off of it. I found a gently used one on ebay I am bidding on. It seems like a nice one, so I hope I am lucky and win the bid. It just feels kind of like a waste of money though because we are not planning on having more kids after #5 (IY"H) is born and now I am buying another mobile that I will use for all of 4 or 5 months. Maybe I will sell it at a garage sale or something after I am finished using it. The only thing I don't like about selling things at garage sales is some people are really pushy and chutzpadig and want things for practically free. This year I am going to be much more firm at the garage sale and not give in if I don't like the price they are offering.

In other news, Pesach is getting closer! (as if you didn't already know LOL) we started some cleaning, but will be doing most of it Sunday. Saturday is the last day I am serving chometz, including cheerios, until after Pesach. my mother in law is renting a carpet steam cleaner for us so we can get the chometz stains off the carpet and couches.

Well, thats the update for now. #1 is home with a stomach flu. Monday starts 2 week vacation from school for #1 and #2. I will try to post more after my OB appointment on Tuesday.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kidney infections are not fun

Well, today I am 33 weeks pregnant B"H. This has been a difficult week for me, with pesach cleaning,and then on Friday, I started having bad pain in my side, felt really nauseous, and my urine was very reddish and it felt like I was passing glass. My mother in law had just dropped me and #2, #3, #4 off after shlepping to the dermatologist for #4 (she has psoriasis, and is now on some creams to help, and if that doesn't help, then the doc wants a skin biopsy to see what the rash is.). I called a doc that makes house calls, and he came over, and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin 500 mg for 10 days because macrobid is not safe in the last few weeks of pregnancy, I am allergic to sulfa, and cipro is not safe for pregnancy at all (category c). I have to drop a urine sample off at the lab Monday, but I am not sure if it will show anything as its a sample from Friday, and is more than 24 hours in the fridge. I was feeling better yesterday, but today my side is throbbing slightly again. I am a bit worried about that. But I am not feeling sick to my stomach any more, and my face is not all flushed and sweaty the way it was for the past while. I stupidly kept putting off going to my doc about a possible bladder infection because I thought it was from the baby pressing down, or the burning was from not drinking enough water, and it would be fine the next day. I was having hot flashes, and my face was all red and flushed but I thought it was from the pregnancy. I guess I was wrong, and now I learned the hard way :(

On top of it all, I got a surprise bill for 500 bucks from my daugher's school on erev shabbos for something called give and get. I was not only never informed at the beginning of the year about this, I assumed it started with grade 1 students, who are all subsidized from the UJA. I was pretty mad, and called the rabbi in charge of this program and spoke with him about it. I do not have to pay it because I was never informed in the first place. He said he would be contacting the rest of the parents in the preschool program. Apparently most of the other mothers in the nursery program also called to complain. Basically because you are "getting an education that is good," you are giving them 500 bucks to help continue the excellent education." what is the 4,000 in tuition for then??? Why not just add on 500 bucks extra at the beginning of the year when you pay tuition instead of slamming someone with an unexpected bill 2 weeks before pesach? There are ways to reduce the 500, by volunteering at functions at the school, etc. If the school bothered to inform parents at the beginning of the year in a formal letter explaining give and get, then there wouldn't be a problem with paying it at the end of the year. One could even make installments throughout the year. I doubt there are many young families who have 500 bucks to plop down on a moments notice in full, especially a week or two before Pesach. The rabbi was very nice and understanding, and was not aware that no one was informed before hand. But it still bugged me. The school needs to be better organized with these things.

Today, was also not a fun day. We were running late for a dentist appointment for #1 and hubby, the gas station was out of bus tickets, so I called the dentist to say we would be late and they made me reschedule. I already had given #1 his antibiotics for the appointment (he has a heart murmur that requires him to have antibiotics before a dental appoinment). Now they are booked every Sunday until Oct 29!!! ARG. We can't go during the week, too difficult between school for #1 and work for hubby.

I also managed to slice my finger open on a broken serving dish that was in the cereal cabinet for some strange reason. (I think #1 broke it by accident and stuck it in there to hide it.) I hope this week will be less stressful.

That's it for now, will post more later.