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Monday, April 24, 2006

36-weeks B"H! 4 to go IY"H!!

Wow, now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. 4 weeks to go. I am having my 36 week check up on Wednesday, but it will be with another ob this one time as my regular ob will be away. the doc is supposed to take a quick peek with the ultrasound to make sure babe is head down. I am slightly worried the baby is transverse, but I am hopefully wrong. Maybe then I will be able to confirm the gender, not that it makes a difference, but because I am insanely curious :) I feel kind of nauseous lately and am having some digestive issues, which I think are probably hormonally related. Also having bad lower back pain lately too, off and on. This upcoming week I will have to buy some bottles, silicone nipples, formula for hospital, and an extra pack of diapers and some womenly supplies that the hospital is too cheap to provide :) I am meeting with my doula G-d willing on Monday to go over stuff for the birth. I am undecided on whether I will try the caulophyllum. It only worked once, with #2, I had her 5 days early. with #3 and #4, it just drove me nuts with making my uterus irritable. I'll see what she says about it and then make my decision. Next Friday, I also have an appointment to take #4 to the dermatologist again. Her skin is looking better, and the doc had said if it improves, no need to take her back in, but some of hubby's relatives are bugging me to take her in anyway. I will, but its going to be a waste of time. Oh well... :)

So, anyways, now Pesach is over. I have to say I am very relieved. This has been the longest hardest chag for me. My kids did not adjust well to no chometz. If I hear the phrase, "Hungry" one more time I will scream :) They ate constantly but still kvetched about being hungry. I think they were just bored, honestly. Last night I went to mac's (a canadian version of 7-11), and got a slushie, a rip off 5 dollar box of froot loops so the kids have cereal for breakfast, some chocolate covered pretzels, and a tradition soup for hubby. A lot of people had the same idea, it was crowded with other frummies in the store :) Also, the kosher pizza place was opened motzei yom tov and it was packed! I decided to hold off on suprising hubby with pizza. too crowded. I had fun with the chocolate covered pretzels. :)

Anyway, kids are still sleeping. (they have been going to bed late as no school. but school starts monday...YAY! :) I will have to get them used to going to bed at a normal time again starting sunday. They usually go to bed between 7:30 and 8, but because we were not home for yom tov, we got back very late, so the kids got to bed on the late side, and slept in the next day. (It was nice to sleep in. :) I haven't done that in years). But I think I will take advantage of them still sleeping and do some laundry. I have a lot of laundry catch up to do now because of the chag. Will post more later.


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