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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

37 week OB check up (3 weeks left IY"H!)

I had my 37 week OB check up today with the doc who was covering for my regular OB. According to their scale, I lost 4 lbs (????) I was a bit worried, but they told me maybe because it was a different scale than the one my OB uses. but that is kind of a big discrepancy... I had my GBS swab today, and also the doc did a quickie ultrasound with the machine in her office. B"H baby is now head down, good amount of fluid, and we saw the gender, which confirmed the gender the original ultrasound showed at 18 weeks :) According to measurements, the baby seems to be about 6 lbs 6 oz right now (3 kg) but you know ultrasound is never exact with the weights. I go back next Thursday to my regular OB for my 38 week check up, and next friday I have my surgery consult with the OB who will be doing some minor day surgery sometime over the summer.

Last night I met with my doula for my nine month review. While she was here, she checked the baby's position, and I was having a mild contraction or two. I also had some today too. Hopefully it is doing something, like effacement or even dilating slightly?? I hope. :) I don't want to be checked because if these annoying contractions that I have been having infrequently are doing nothing, it will make me frustrated. We decided to not use the caulophyllum this time as it has not worked for me the last two pregnancies. (it helps start labour if your body is ready.) We also went over what to do if I go into labour on shabbos, (have to figure that one out on who can watch the kids. My doula said there is no time for hubby to shlep the kids to his parents house and come back, as B"H my labours have been quick the last few times. I have a neighbor or two I think I could ask in a pinch.) So, now I just sit back and wait for the show to begin :) I don't want it to begin until after my surgery consult next friday, so I can get booked for surgery. then the baby can come, LOL. Hear that baby? stay in there till after may 5th. :P watch, I will probably go overdue again and have to be induced.

onto other news...the school I want to send #1 to is finally going to observe him at his current school on Monday. Yay :) hopefully everything will go well and I will finally find out if he accepted! :) (please G-d he will be accepted, I do not want to send him back to the school he is currently at.)

Will post more later :)


  • At 7:44 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Yea! You're almost there! Glad to hear the baby is head down and everyone is doing well B"H. Quick question, are you having a c-section? Was that the "surgery" you talked about? I had one with Noah. Just wondering.
    I hope your son gets accepted at your #1. school. Try not to worry too much, things have a way of working out. :)

    Hey, did you deliver #1,2 and 3 early or late? Is it true, once early, usually early?

    Take good care, thanks for updating us!
    Lauren :)


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