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Sunday, April 16, 2006

5 (4?) weeks till my EDD!!

Well, I am now 35+2! I finally bought diapers today to take with me to the hospital. After Pesach, I will buy another pack, plus some formula as the hospital doesn't use my formula of choice, nestle good start. I know its not kosher, but I spoke to the rabbi at the COR (a Toronto kosher organization) who said it was ok, as long as I use the bathroom sink (its only a very minute ingredient that is treif). No breast feeding lectures, please. :) I also will have to buy some snacks for myself as I heard from friends the kosher hospital food is inedible. I would ask hubby to bring me some kosher king but they just went out of business :(. There is always some yummy kosher Chinese food near by too. :)

My Pesach so far is ok I guess, but #1 is driving me nuts with "Hungry". Every second LOL. Even my mother in law was starting to get annoyed at him. There is tons of food around for him to eat, and he is eating everything. I think he is confusing hungry with bored. #4 has some virus or something. I called medvisit to make a housecall this morning as she had the runs and was not eating well since Thursday. The doc said she is fine, ears and throat are clear, and it must be a virus. I am worried because of how she is so fussy with eating. She does have 4 teeth and a set of molars coming in. I wonder if that would cause her to have the runs and not interested in food. I am going to try to phone my pediatrician's office tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment, but I am sure its going to be a complete zoo and I probably won't even be able to get through the phone line as he has been away for Passover (he is also frum).

Not much else doing. My next ob appointment is the 26th, My Ob is away and I am seeing one on call, a perinatologist, because she is one of the few docs with an ultrasound in her office and my ob wanted a peek to make sure baby is head down, but won't be there that week to do it. I am also supposed to get a gbs swab. I am hoping the doc can see the gender this time. I am still pretty doubtful because the technician who did my ultrasound at 18 weeks was new, and rude and nasty to boot and got bitchy when I asked her the gender. She didn't even try to check in my opinion. She is the same nasty girl I got when I had the retained placenta after #4 and refused to tell me anything and scared the crap out of me.

Well, that's about it for now, I am going to hubbys parents for dinner tonight and tomorrow night. I made it clear we will not be going there for shavuos as I will only be a week or two post partum at most. I can't say my mother in law was too happy with my decision but I am sorry, I am not going to shlep out 5 kids and push a triple stroller a week after having a baby IY"H. That's it for now. Will post more later


  • At 5:39 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, it sounds like you are one busy gal! Try to keep your sanity for the rest of the holiday!


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