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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's sooner than you think!

New due date: May 19 instead of the 21, IY"H. yes, I know its only 3 days, but now I am practically 35 weeks starting week 36 soon instead of being 34 weeks on the verge of 35. I had my 34 week ob appointment today. I gained nothing, blood pressure was on the low side, 122/58. Maybe thats why I felt kind of blah. or could be from pesach cleaning :P I am going back in two weeks, but not sure of what day as my ob will be away and they are squeezing me into another doc for my 36 week check up. My OB wants to take a quick peek at the baby via ultrasound to make sure he/she's head down and do the group b strep swab, but now it looks like it will have to be done by the doc I am seeing for that one week. the secretary is supposed to call me to let me know what day in the last week of april my appointment is. After that, I go back may 4th, may 9th, may 16th, and then, hopefully baby will be born IY"H. I better stop procrastinating and buy diapers to take with me to the hospital! After pesach I better finish packing my hospital bags too.

Yesterday was #4's well baby check up. She didn't gain weight this time or grow inches because of her very fussy eating :( (she seems to prefer to feed the floor rather than eat it herself, and I try many varities of food for her.), so my pediatrician told me to put her back on the follow up formula to give her some extra calories. Hopefully that will help and the nxt appointment she will be back to her normal weight gain and growth. she gained fine at the previous appointment, and then she started having trouble with diarrhea so I had to put her on lactose free milk and then build back up to homogenized, but now its back to the follow up formula. Hopefully this time she will tolerate it better. She also had her prevnar vaccine. Well, I got to finish last minute pesach preparations, got to finish the kitchen! Hope everyone has a great pesach, and will post more after yom tov IY"H.


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