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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kidney infections are not fun

Well, today I am 33 weeks pregnant B"H. This has been a difficult week for me, with pesach cleaning,and then on Friday, I started having bad pain in my side, felt really nauseous, and my urine was very reddish and it felt like I was passing glass. My mother in law had just dropped me and #2, #3, #4 off after shlepping to the dermatologist for #4 (she has psoriasis, and is now on some creams to help, and if that doesn't help, then the doc wants a skin biopsy to see what the rash is.). I called a doc that makes house calls, and he came over, and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin 500 mg for 10 days because macrobid is not safe in the last few weeks of pregnancy, I am allergic to sulfa, and cipro is not safe for pregnancy at all (category c). I have to drop a urine sample off at the lab Monday, but I am not sure if it will show anything as its a sample from Friday, and is more than 24 hours in the fridge. I was feeling better yesterday, but today my side is throbbing slightly again. I am a bit worried about that. But I am not feeling sick to my stomach any more, and my face is not all flushed and sweaty the way it was for the past while. I stupidly kept putting off going to my doc about a possible bladder infection because I thought it was from the baby pressing down, or the burning was from not drinking enough water, and it would be fine the next day. I was having hot flashes, and my face was all red and flushed but I thought it was from the pregnancy. I guess I was wrong, and now I learned the hard way :(

On top of it all, I got a surprise bill for 500 bucks from my daugher's school on erev shabbos for something called give and get. I was not only never informed at the beginning of the year about this, I assumed it started with grade 1 students, who are all subsidized from the UJA. I was pretty mad, and called the rabbi in charge of this program and spoke with him about it. I do not have to pay it because I was never informed in the first place. He said he would be contacting the rest of the parents in the preschool program. Apparently most of the other mothers in the nursery program also called to complain. Basically because you are "getting an education that is good," you are giving them 500 bucks to help continue the excellent education." what is the 4,000 in tuition for then??? Why not just add on 500 bucks extra at the beginning of the year when you pay tuition instead of slamming someone with an unexpected bill 2 weeks before pesach? There are ways to reduce the 500, by volunteering at functions at the school, etc. If the school bothered to inform parents at the beginning of the year in a formal letter explaining give and get, then there wouldn't be a problem with paying it at the end of the year. One could even make installments throughout the year. I doubt there are many young families who have 500 bucks to plop down on a moments notice in full, especially a week or two before Pesach. The rabbi was very nice and understanding, and was not aware that no one was informed before hand. But it still bugged me. The school needs to be better organized with these things.

Today, was also not a fun day. We were running late for a dentist appointment for #1 and hubby, the gas station was out of bus tickets, so I called the dentist to say we would be late and they made me reschedule. I already had given #1 his antibiotics for the appointment (he has a heart murmur that requires him to have antibiotics before a dental appoinment). Now they are booked every Sunday until Oct 29!!! ARG. We can't go during the week, too difficult between school for #1 and work for hubby.

I also managed to slice my finger open on a broken serving dish that was in the cereal cabinet for some strange reason. (I think #1 broke it by accident and stuck it in there to hide it.) I hope this week will be less stressful.

That's it for now, will post more later.


  • At 11:28 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I sure hope it gets better for you soon. It doesn't sound like it could get whole lot worse!


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