A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

#2 turns four!

Yesterday was #2's 4th birthday. We celebrated by having a small party during her class yesterday. I ordered donuts from a nut free bakery that was delivered to her classroom, and I brought #3, #4, and #5 too. She got to wear a crown with the #4 on top of it, and was decorated with some pictures her teachers drew on it. #3 ran around the classroom and took out almost every toy they had LOL. #4 waved her arms and tried to sing along with the class when they sang a song about Shavuos. #5 just screamed :) I felt funny from pushing the stroller when I wasn't supposed to. (I am supposed to wait until 6 weeks post partum and I am just 4). I think my body is just weak from giving birth and I need to rebuild my strength. It was a nice little party and #2 loved it, especially the rainbow sprinkled vanilla donuts. :)

#3 was being somewhat difficult by insisting he walk and not ride in the stroller. He was great on the way to the school. but on the way back he was not listening, which is NOT fine as I worry about him running in the street G-d forbid. so i had to put him in the stroller where it is safe and he was NOT a happy camper. I think he was also pretty tired from the party and also he had not yet napped. Plus it was very hot out, about 90 degrees. (30 celcius).

we enrolled #3 into a playgroup for this September. He will have a blast. There are lots of activities he will be doing, arts and crafts, learning the aleph bais, parsha, etc. Plus the morah has a lot of outdoor activities too, and swings. There are a total of 7 kids in his clas so he will get a lot of attention. Plus she is my neighbor and lives only a few houses away, which makes things very convenient :) The following year, he will be ready for junior kindergarten IY"H. because he is so busy, I thought enrolling him in a play group instead of the actual nursery class #2 is currently in, would help him get ready for school. besides, he is not yet toilet trained and I don't feel like throwing away a $150 dollar deposit. He is not yet 3, and is kind of young anyway for nursery. (he will be 3 in november).

and other news..I need a root canal. Ugh. I went to the dentist for toothache on Thursday and an x-ray showed a very deep cavity that is almost touching the nerve. I had it filled but was told by the dentist I would probably need a root canal from an endodontist. I was told if it still hurts a lot that is a sign it needs to be seen by an endodontist. Suffice it to say, every time I eat or drink somethign cold my tooth throbs badly. in fact its hurting now and I have not yet had something cold. Blah.

well, thats it for now, not much else doing. Getting ready for shavuos. we are staying home this time for yom tov and I am very glad as its quite hot out and certain family members we would have gone to for yom tov do not use air conditioning (even though they have it) so now I can stay home where its nice and cool :) even though that means i have to cook a lot. I hate cooking. oh well :)

will post more later on.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Alligators in the toilet....

My 2 1/2 year old flushed his plastic alligator down the toilet, and for some reason, I find this pretty funny. I guess living on 4 hours of sleep a day for the past 2 weeks is finally catching up with me LOL. The baby is having a rough past few nights, she seems to be wanting to eat every 2 1/2 hours and she is being bottlefed. I thought formula was supposed to be more filling. Also she hates hates hates her crib. My pediatrician said its ok to let her sleep in the car seat or bouncy seat, but if i put the seat in the crib she screams. It has to be on the floor. I am going to have to ask the pediatrician how to get her to sleep in her crib.

Not much else doing. it's freezing here. My sister is visiting until Friday from New Jersey. #1 is sick with a stomach bug, or maybe its because he ate 4 bananas the other day. Sigh. I hope he is not constipated. That's it for now. Will post more later.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby's 2 week check up

So, its been two weeks now since baby #5 has been earthside. She just had her well baby 2 week check up today and is doing well B"H. she gained a lot and is almost back up to her birth weight now. she is chugging down over 4 oz of formula a feeding and is not screaming all night in between feeds any more (thank G-d for that, and also for the bouncy seat which is soothes her). Her siblings are taking well to her, though I think #3 may be a bit jealous as he has been a bit cranky this week.

Now on to other stuff...#2 is officially registered for camp now, should be nice experience for her, and I don't even have to cook lunch :) they provide the lunch and snacks. Yay. I can't believe school is almost over, in another 4 weeks or so its done. that reminds me, #1 is going to the zoo the week school ends. I am jealous LOL I want to go too :)

My sister is coming up from New Jersey tomorrow and is staying for a week to help out. That will be nice :) My dad is coming up in August G-d willing when I have some day surgery done (aug 9th is the date I am booked for). I have to go to the pre-op assessment clinic in July. I get to go home the same day of the surgery. Yay. I have had enough of hospitals to last me a long time.

BTW ontario needs to do something about the disgusting wait times in the ER. When I passed through the er last week due to some huge blood clots I was passing, during my stay in NICU, every seat was taken in the ER and there was about an 8 hour wait to see a doctor. Horrible!! Somethng needs to be done to shorten times. No one should have to spend half a day waiting to be seen by a doctor. I am lucky I was only there for tests from the OB or else I would have been even more royally pissed off about the crowdedness.

that's it for now, I have a headache due to #3 whacking me in the head with a toy earlier when I was resting on the couch, so I am going to go take some tylenol and wait for #2 and #1 to come home from school.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home...

After 5 days in the hospital, baby #5 and I are finally home. Several things happened that made this extended stay bashert...First, right when she was due to be discharged, she became jaundiced (her level was 301) and she needed phototherapy. RIght when we got switched to a care by parent room where we could room in together, I started feeling really light headed and dizzy, and started passing huge blood clots. The NICU nurse told me to go back to the post partum unit (I had been discharged from that unit as of motzei shabbos). I had this nasty nurse who would not get me an ob and told me to wait in the ER. So instead, I took the clot (don't ask..but I needed proof to show I was not exaggerating.) to the labour and delivery assessment room, where they got me a wheel chair, and arranged with the OB on call to have an ultrasound done and blood work through the ER. I got taken pretty much right away. There was a blood clot above my cervix that was kind of stuck. the OB on call was able to get it out B"H and I do NOT have any retained placenta in the uterus B"H. So its a good thing I was still in the hospital when this happened or I would have had to wait a LOOONG time in the ER (every seat was filled with people waiting to see an ER doctor) Also, if baby was discharged when she was supposed to, I would have had to go back with her for the phototheraphy. So even though I hated having to stay five days, it all worked out well in the end.

When I came home last night, #3 had a fever of 102 and I had to go back out to the walk in clinic (my mother in law drove us) and then #4 started running a fever at midnight. Sigh...since I was going to the pediatrician anyway, he checked her out too, and it looks like its a virus. I found coming home after being away a week a bit overwhelming. The kids were very excited to see me, and I was also very excited to see them. I know they did not change that much in a week but they look older LOL. I missed them so much and it felt good to be home again. I am sure once I get into a routine things will be much easier. :) Hubby is off for the week and my sister is coming next week, and my mother in law is just around the corner. My friends have also arranged for me to have meals dropped off for supper for my family. It is so nice of them to do this for me :) Tomorrow I have to send hubby food shopping as I can't push the cart. actually I can't walk fast or well thanks to the epidural I had that hit a nerve and made my right leg misbehave. I am sure it will get better soon. I had this happen after i had #3 and it took a few months for it to get better.

Well, I am really tired, and want to take a shower before #5's next feeding. So I will write more soon :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mazal Tov!!! It's a Girl!!!!

B"H, on May 4, 10:46 pm, baby #5 made her way into this world, a daughter, born 7 lb 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches long :) she is in NICU now from having "wet lung" but is improving. I will explain everything..starting from the beginning: my water broke at my 38 week OB appointment LOL. BTW, see if you can find her simcha on www.onlysimchas.com :) My OB sent me right to the hospital after making arrangments for the kids and to page my doula and hubby., my contractions were irregular and needed a boost by oxytocin. The baby was born after a short time of pushing after hours of contractions. I had high blood loss and needed 3 different drugs to stop the bleeding, an oxytocin IV drip, cytotec, and then hemabate. I have bruises on my tummy from where the docs and nurses mashed it to get my uterus to contract as it kept getting boggy. the baby inhaled amniotic fluid and is in NICU, thats what wet lung is. she was very grunty at birth and had indrawing, she was working very hard to breathe. she is doing better now B"H, they had her on a c-pap machine, 30 percent o2, and a ng tube to drain the air from the c-pap machine out of her tummy. now she is just on an IV that is being weaned, and I am able to feed and hold her. I am discharged but staying in a courtesty room till she is ready to be discharged, which hopefully will be Monday G-d willing. they have internet in the lounge, which is how I am able to post this :) I was feeling really sick yesterday from the blood loss and all, but feel a bit better now B"H. Spending shabbos in the hospital alone is not fun, but what can you do? anyway, I am tired, and want to go check on the baby. the nurse is getting me at 12:15 for a feeding, and then I am going to sleep for a few hours hopefully. will post more after we go home IY"H.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

School Daze, School Daze...

#1 did not get into the school we were trying to get him accepted to. The vice principal came yesterday to his current school to observe him, and he behaved beautifully. BUT (and there is always a but...sigh) she felt that his skills were not up to the level of the other kids who currently attend that school, and his test scores from his psychoeducational assessment were not so great. So I asked, can I reapply for him next year and was told, we don't see what will change much in one year, his test scores will still remain the same (he will be getting the psychoeducational assessment every 3 years and is not due back for the next one until 2008). So, because the school he is currently at is not meeting his needs either (too low functioning there, which, I feel, is a major reason he is probably lagging behind), we have no choice but to enroll him in public school grade 1 for September. I am disappointed there is no place for him in the Jewish school system. I became frum at age 20, and I always wanted my kids to have the chance I did not have growing up, to attend a frum school, and now I have to send #1 to a public school. Everyone is telling me, he will get the yiddishkeit at home, which is true, but still. Hubby and I were thinking of hiring a Hebrew tutor for him during the upcoming school year, (hubby is at work all day and by the time he gets home, its late already so there is not much time for him to be able to tutor him.)We have to see how costly one would be. Probably still works out less money than his tuition would have been. We do know someone who is a tutor. This is something to look in to. we could aways ask our Rav for a recommendation on a good Hebrew tutor for a child with learning disabilities. after I take #1 to school today I am going to shlep down to the public school with a copy of his IEP, and psychoeducational assessment and register him. I also have to contact that guy from the school board who I was supposed to call in April to arrange for him to come to my son's school to observe him, to see what kind of supports he will need in the classroom in September. I was so sure #1 was getting into the Jewish school that I never bothered registering him in public school or arranging this a few months ago :( Now I hope there is still a spot for him in the school closest to us. It's a terrible shame the Jewish school system here is not equipped to help ALL kids with learning disabilities stay in the Jewish school system. I hear from friends there are a lot of other frum kids in the public school system. Maybe one day I will win the lotto and I will start my own school :) Kidding..

Anyway, its 5 am and I am wide awake. Might as well stay up, have to officially wake up in an hour and a half anyway. I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping this past week. hot flashes, to the point where my whole face is red and I am perspiring tons, sore hips, etc etc. Also for some reason my appetite has increased a lot. I am due in 2 weeks from Friday IY"H. My next OB appointment is tomorrow, and I have a meeting with the doc who is doing some minor gyn. surgery in August on Friday. After that, I told the baby he/she can come out :) (not that the baby will listen to me anyway LOL). I will post more tomorrow after my OB appointment and will update you on how the registration thing went today. Sigh...