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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

#2 turns four!

Yesterday was #2's 4th birthday. We celebrated by having a small party during her class yesterday. I ordered donuts from a nut free bakery that was delivered to her classroom, and I brought #3, #4, and #5 too. She got to wear a crown with the #4 on top of it, and was decorated with some pictures her teachers drew on it. #3 ran around the classroom and took out almost every toy they had LOL. #4 waved her arms and tried to sing along with the class when they sang a song about Shavuos. #5 just screamed :) I felt funny from pushing the stroller when I wasn't supposed to. (I am supposed to wait until 6 weeks post partum and I am just 4). I think my body is just weak from giving birth and I need to rebuild my strength. It was a nice little party and #2 loved it, especially the rainbow sprinkled vanilla donuts. :)

#3 was being somewhat difficult by insisting he walk and not ride in the stroller. He was great on the way to the school. but on the way back he was not listening, which is NOT fine as I worry about him running in the street G-d forbid. so i had to put him in the stroller where it is safe and he was NOT a happy camper. I think he was also pretty tired from the party and also he had not yet napped. Plus it was very hot out, about 90 degrees. (30 celcius).

we enrolled #3 into a playgroup for this September. He will have a blast. There are lots of activities he will be doing, arts and crafts, learning the aleph bais, parsha, etc. Plus the morah has a lot of outdoor activities too, and swings. There are a total of 7 kids in his clas so he will get a lot of attention. Plus she is my neighbor and lives only a few houses away, which makes things very convenient :) The following year, he will be ready for junior kindergarten IY"H. because he is so busy, I thought enrolling him in a play group instead of the actual nursery class #2 is currently in, would help him get ready for school. besides, he is not yet toilet trained and I don't feel like throwing away a $150 dollar deposit. He is not yet 3, and is kind of young anyway for nursery. (he will be 3 in november).

and other news..I need a root canal. Ugh. I went to the dentist for toothache on Thursday and an x-ray showed a very deep cavity that is almost touching the nerve. I had it filled but was told by the dentist I would probably need a root canal from an endodontist. I was told if it still hurts a lot that is a sign it needs to be seen by an endodontist. Suffice it to say, every time I eat or drink somethign cold my tooth throbs badly. in fact its hurting now and I have not yet had something cold. Blah.

well, thats it for now, not much else doing. Getting ready for shavuos. we are staying home this time for yom tov and I am very glad as its quite hot out and certain family members we would have gone to for yom tov do not use air conditioning (even though they have it) so now I can stay home where its nice and cool :) even though that means i have to cook a lot. I hate cooking. oh well :)

will post more later on.


  • At 10:07 p.m., Anonymous sunflower said…

    i'm just amazed at how much you accomplish, with so many young ones at home. do you ever get to sleep?? how do you do it!?!

  • At 11:23 a.m., Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said…

    You sound like a great mom. I have a 4 yr old daughter who is really cute and really tough.


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