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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby's 2 week check up

So, its been two weeks now since baby #5 has been earthside. She just had her well baby 2 week check up today and is doing well B"H. she gained a lot and is almost back up to her birth weight now. she is chugging down over 4 oz of formula a feeding and is not screaming all night in between feeds any more (thank G-d for that, and also for the bouncy seat which is soothes her). Her siblings are taking well to her, though I think #3 may be a bit jealous as he has been a bit cranky this week.

Now on to other stuff...#2 is officially registered for camp now, should be nice experience for her, and I don't even have to cook lunch :) they provide the lunch and snacks. Yay. I can't believe school is almost over, in another 4 weeks or so its done. that reminds me, #1 is going to the zoo the week school ends. I am jealous LOL I want to go too :)

My sister is coming up from New Jersey tomorrow and is staying for a week to help out. That will be nice :) My dad is coming up in August G-d willing when I have some day surgery done (aug 9th is the date I am booked for). I have to go to the pre-op assessment clinic in July. I get to go home the same day of the surgery. Yay. I have had enough of hospitals to last me a long time.

BTW ontario needs to do something about the disgusting wait times in the ER. When I passed through the er last week due to some huge blood clots I was passing, during my stay in NICU, every seat was taken in the ER and there was about an 8 hour wait to see a doctor. Horrible!! Somethng needs to be done to shorten times. No one should have to spend half a day waiting to be seen by a doctor. I am lucky I was only there for tests from the OB or else I would have been even more royally pissed off about the crowdedness.

that's it for now, I have a headache due to #3 whacking me in the head with a toy earlier when I was resting on the couch, so I am going to go take some tylenol and wait for #2 and #1 to come home from school.


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