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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home...

After 5 days in the hospital, baby #5 and I are finally home. Several things happened that made this extended stay bashert...First, right when she was due to be discharged, she became jaundiced (her level was 301) and she needed phototherapy. RIght when we got switched to a care by parent room where we could room in together, I started feeling really light headed and dizzy, and started passing huge blood clots. The NICU nurse told me to go back to the post partum unit (I had been discharged from that unit as of motzei shabbos). I had this nasty nurse who would not get me an ob and told me to wait in the ER. So instead, I took the clot (don't ask..but I needed proof to show I was not exaggerating.) to the labour and delivery assessment room, where they got me a wheel chair, and arranged with the OB on call to have an ultrasound done and blood work through the ER. I got taken pretty much right away. There was a blood clot above my cervix that was kind of stuck. the OB on call was able to get it out B"H and I do NOT have any retained placenta in the uterus B"H. So its a good thing I was still in the hospital when this happened or I would have had to wait a LOOONG time in the ER (every seat was filled with people waiting to see an ER doctor) Also, if baby was discharged when she was supposed to, I would have had to go back with her for the phototheraphy. So even though I hated having to stay five days, it all worked out well in the end.

When I came home last night, #3 had a fever of 102 and I had to go back out to the walk in clinic (my mother in law drove us) and then #4 started running a fever at midnight. Sigh...since I was going to the pediatrician anyway, he checked her out too, and it looks like its a virus. I found coming home after being away a week a bit overwhelming. The kids were very excited to see me, and I was also very excited to see them. I know they did not change that much in a week but they look older LOL. I missed them so much and it felt good to be home again. I am sure once I get into a routine things will be much easier. :) Hubby is off for the week and my sister is coming next week, and my mother in law is just around the corner. My friends have also arranged for me to have meals dropped off for supper for my family. It is so nice of them to do this for me :) Tomorrow I have to send hubby food shopping as I can't push the cart. actually I can't walk fast or well thanks to the epidural I had that hit a nerve and made my right leg misbehave. I am sure it will get better soon. I had this happen after i had #3 and it took a few months for it to get better.

Well, I am really tired, and want to take a shower before #5's next feeding. So I will write more soon :)


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