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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Candy Bar, candy bar....say aaah....

You probably don't get my reference, to the scene in little shop of horrors where Bill Murrary's character is getting a root canal by the dentist played by Steve Martin. Anyway, I had the first part of a root canal yesterday. OUCH!!!! First I had a horrible reaction to the numbing they gave me, that had adrenaline in it. My heart raced, and I shook all over and had chest pain. Then, despite all the numbing, when the endodontist started removing the filling, it hurt like bloody hell. I felt everything. without thinking I grabbed the endontists arm, and he replied, not a good idea to grab my arm while I am drilling. I apologized and then he explained it will hurt until he gets the filling out and numbs the nerve. I have never felt such unbearable pain like this in my life. I literarlly saw stars. It was worse than labour. I have to go back for the other half of the root canal at the end of the month. Apparently the nerve is so inflamed the doc told me he didn't know how I was walking around like that for so long. My face is swollen on the side that had the root canal. I am slightly worried about that but am assuming its normal from the trauma..

Sorry I have not posted much lately, or at all, but I have been so busy with the kids, and plus with my tooth hurting like hell.
#5 had her 1 month check up last week. She is now 9 lbs 6 oz. This Wednesday I have the 4 year check up for #2.

In other news, school is over in 2 weeks!! I can't believe how fast the school year went. Well, to be honest I am feeling kind of yucky from my tooth and will post more later on in the week.


  • At 11:54 p.m., Blogger T. said…


    You and I used to 'know' each other from misc.kids, a long time ago ... I haven't been reading blogs in a long time, but I decided to catch up tonight, and I couldn't believe that you and I both had recent root canals, and we had the same response to the pain -- worse than labor!

    So many people didn't believe me when I told them that, but it was *tons* worse.

    I was just thrilled to see that someone *knows* what I meant!

    Hope your tooth is all better, and the other health issue you mentioned (I can't see it anymore since I'm on the commenting page, and I sure can't spell it myself!) is improving, or will be soon.

    It's nice to read how you're doing. I'll stop back soon,



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