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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer is here...

So #2 had her last day of nursery school Wednesday, #1's last day is Friday (tomorrow, well will be today in 13 minutes actually). I am having a lot of anxiety over his schooling for September because certain people are giving us a hard time on him going to public school for one year in a special education class of 10 kids instead of Jewish day school. my hubby's friend's neighbor who is a teacher in one of what I consider to be a pretty frum Jewish day school came over to see if he could help us get our son into the school that declined his application. At first I thought sure, why not let him try, but now I feel in my gut its the wrong decision so I am going to have to tell him no thanks (or mabye be chicken and make hubby do it for me :). The school didn't take him for a reason and to force the school to take him might be a very bad idea. I want my son to feel positive about school and himself and if I put him in a school that he won't be able to keep up he might get very frustrated and upset. So, I think the best bet is the plan already laid down, which is public school one year, (he will be in a class for kids with expressive speech/language problems and general learning disabilities (he was speech delayed and is doing MUCH better but still needs help with his speech) and also hire a tutor for Limudei kodesh, and then try again for a Jewish day school class settting if he seems ready the september after that. I hope that it is the right decision and my son will thrive in his new school setting this September..

On to other stuff, since its been ages since I posted last.. #2 had her well baby check up (not so much baby since she is 4 already :) she is growing well B"H and got her second MMR. She is starting day camp next Wednesday and she is very excited about it :)

let's see, what else..well my tooth finally stopped throbbing but I have to have the temporary cap replaced with something perm. I can't afford a crown as insurance says its cosmetic, so I need to have a perm. filling put it instead or whatever they use instead of a crown.

and onto weekend stuff. my shul is having BBQ Sunday if the weather cooperates. Will be fun hopefully :) got to bring some film with me :)

That's it for now as I need to catch some zzzzzs.


  • At 8:36 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sure you are anxious about the school of your eldest son. But perhaps you should not worry so much. I found, that it is very difficult to predict things concerning children. Sometimes you worry and they are just going to be fine. Sometimes you don't worry and you find that things are going terribly wrong...
    So, I think what you are doing seems right. Give him one year at public school to catch up then try to change to jewish school.
    Good luck!

  • At 9:54 a.m., Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said…

    Good luck. Hard to tell a mom not to be concerned. It is understandable to be concerned.


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