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Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's baaaaack...

the adenomyosis pain that is. Damn. Either that or I have a bladder infection. I am going to try to go to a walk in clinic to see if I do have a bladder infection. Sometimes with the adenomyosis pain it makes me feel like I got to go to the washroom. My grandmother just got diagnosed with that from a routine ultrasound. She had years of pain during her fertile years and back then they didn't know why. I wonder if adenomyosis can be inherited. I hope not, cause it sure hurts like hell. But anyway..

So, in other more interesting, less kvetchy news, I started back to school shopping already. I know its only the first few days into July but I find it's easier to buy over time, rather than spend a lot of money all at once. I am buying my daughter's dresses off of ebay, I find there is more of a selection there. I bought her a non character bookbag today off of ebay. (her school doesn't really allow bookbags with a character on them and its hard to find a non character bookbag in the mall.) For my son, I bought him a batman bookbag today in a real life store :) it was a real bargain, it came with a lunchbag and pencil case too, and it was on clearance for some reason I have not figured out, I only paid 11 dollars for it including tax. Maybe because of the canada day weekend. There were a lot of big sales in the mall today I noticed.

Well, that's it for now, will post more later.


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