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Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's a Bargain

Today my co-op had a street sale. I am totally addicted to going to garage sales, and had a field day :) At one of my neighbors, I bought a giant clifford dog, (not a real one :P), 2 giant stuffed bears, a stuffed flower, and a little tykes yellow school bus all for five dollars, and they are all in like new condition. At another house I bought a yellow dump truck. Then at another house I bought a webkinz pegasus for 1 dollar (they are usually 18) and it is in perfect brand new condition. :)

I remember, from when I was little, my grandma visiting from Florida during the summer, and my dad used to take her to all the garage sales in the neighborhood. She inspired my love of bargain hunting LOL. :)

Anyway, after the garage sale, the Bubbe took #1 and #2 for new shoes for the summer, and now #2 is going to a B-day party soon, and then I am taking #2 and #4 for a hair cut. :)

Busy day.

I have that Weird Al song about Ebay stuck in my head now LOL. (the line about the world wide garage sale). Also reminds me that he is coming to Toronto's Massey Hall July 10. By the time I realized it, all the good seats were bought out :(( I'm disappointed. I really wanted to go, hubby wasn't so interested, but I think I could have convinced him.. Oh well.


  • At 5:49 p.m., Anonymous LeeAnn said…

    Funny song! Very true....


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