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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, NO, its Batwoman!!!!

One could say I do not lead a boring life at all. The park behind my inlaws' house has bats at night. Lots of times, when we're walking back from a meal at hubby's parents, at night, we hear the high pitched *beep* noises of the bats. Last night, while walking home from picking up something from there, (it was actually dusk) something flew in my face, that was brown, and it nearly knocked my glasses off my face. It hurt a bit too. I did not get a good look at what it was, it all happened very fast. But I heard the *beep* noise coming from a short distance away. So I started to worry it might have been a bat that flew into my face. this morning, I woke up and called telehealth and they told me to to the ER. Ontario, being Ontario, has too long of a wait to the ER and I didn't bother going. So I went into an urgent care clinic. The doc there said my face is slightly swollen where the bat flew into me but he could not see a break in the skin, so I didn't need rabies shots. he told me to phone public health, since they are the ones in charge of that sort of thing and also have the vaccine. So I called public health, the lady there was so nice and reassuring, and she went out of her way to get someone higher up to speak to me too and call me on my cell. They told me to see my own famiily doc for a second opinion, and that if need be, they could get a rabies vaccine to him by this afternoon. She said the bats teeth are razor sharp and its sometimes hard to notice a break in the skin. She also told me there have been five cases of rabid bats this year in the area. My own family doc could not see any break in the skin. I trust him and feel more reassured, but to be honest, I am still slightly worried still. that whole thing totally just freaked me out. A bat..sheesh.


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