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Friday, June 22, 2007

No more teachers, no more books....

Today was #2's last day of junior kindergarten, and now her summer vacation begins. Camp doesn't start until July 4th. She got her report card and a book with aleph bais activity sheets and stickers. Every day (except Shabbos of course) we have to go over a sheet, and the sound each letter makes, and she gets a sticker for each page she completes. It's so she won't forget what she learned this year, and also so she will go into Senior Kindergarten knowing what each sound the letters in the aleph bais makes.

#3 will also be going to summer camp and starting junior kindergarten in September IY"H. #1 will be staying home with me this summer, as well as #4 and #5. #1 is starting grade 2 in September. I can't believe how time flies. I am taking him on Monday to meet his teacher for september, as he is switching schools to one that is closer. his aide from his other school is meeting us there.

Well, got to go get ready for shabbos now!


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