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Monday, June 25, 2007

Visiting Day

Today I took #1 to the new school he will be attending in September to meet his new teacher. His aide from the other school met us there. It is a class of ten kids with one aide. #1 will need his own aide and the new teacher/#1's current aide told me he will have one for sept, it's not definite yet but very likely. (he needs the one to one not because of his learning disability but because of behaviour. Without the one to one assistance he will not always finish his tasks, or get out of his chair, etc.) he will be in Grade 2 in september. I am impressed with #1's computer skills. He managed to log into his school computer account from the other school we were visiting at. The aide and I just looked at each other in amazement after #1 managed to log in. Both of us are not even sure how he managed that. He was just fiddling around and the next thing we know, he's into his own account. He is my lil computer prodigy :)

#1 was very nervous going into the new school today but once he met everyone he seemed fine. There is another boy in the class who is also an Orthodox Jew so #1 will not be the only frum kid, which will be good for him, to make a friend he has a lot i common with. I got the impression the teacher may have been frum growing up but isn't now but I am not certain. I had mentioned to him, since you already have another orthodox student in your class, you probably already know about kosher. He told me he grew up wearing a kippa till he was Bar Mitzvah, and is fluent in Hebrew and Yiddish, and taught English for a year in Israel. he also knew to call #1 by his hebrew name without me having to ask him. (easy to figure out if you know his English one).
Even though I am slightly apprehensive about #1 starting over in a new school, G-d willing, it seems next year will be a good year. (this one was good too :)


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