A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Will that be one lump or two?

#3 comes home today from camp with a huge goose egg in the middle of his forehead. I was a bit upset that the camp had not bothered phoning me when the incident happened. I called the camp to ask what happened, and the counsellor was not available, she had left for the day. I know they are only teenagers so probably didn't realize they should call, but the head counselor is a married adult who should have known better. When the kids bump their heads in school the teacher has always called me.

Not much else doing right now. I am going to have my sheitel washed and set tonight. We are invited to a chasunah on the 14th. Which reminds me, I have to find a babysitter as well, which also reminds me that I have to find out from the people who are giving us a ride what time I should have the baby sitter come.

Ok, time to give the baby her bottle of milk now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slippery when wet

I am feeling MUCH better now B"H. I was afraid to use my puffer, even though the doc prescribed it for me, it said on the instructions about using it with bronchitis (its just the one with the steroids to reduce inflammation, not the one for instant action, as I have a tendency towards sinus tachycardia and the doc and I both agreed that one wouldn't be a good idea to use)

So anyway, I posted a few things to make available to people on my town's site that has a page called re-useful, and one person asked me to take a pic of it (its headboards that I got that I had no use for, so I want it out, and besides its missing the screws to attach it, so no point in selling it on ebay). Motzei shabbos, I went downstairs to take the pic only to discover the batteries were dead in my digital camera. So then I run upstairs to go charge it and use regular batteries in the mean time, and I slip and go flying into the stairs, cracking the side of my jaw and neck on the cement wall side of the stairs. Turns out #3 decided to water the hallway while I was in the basement momentarily. I almost dropped my camera on the hard floor. I am really glad my camera is okay but I can't say the same for my jaw and neck. There is a huge red mark on my neck where the side of the wall smashed into it. I hope people don't think its a hickey LOL. My jaw is killing me. I keep bugging hubby I think I fractured it on the stairs LOL. I guess if it was that severe I wouldn't be able to open my big mouth :) . But still, it didn't hurt so bad at first but now a few hours later its freaking throbbing. There is also a slight red mark on my side of face where I connected to the side of the stairs. The pain is radiating all the way to my damn ear.

Ok, enough kvetching for now :)

After that, I watched a Zach Braff movie, The Last Kiss, which actually I found to be very depressing. Then I came upstairs and watched the rest of a Harry Potter movie on the computer. :) Not very exciting LOL.

Anyway, its late and my iced coffee caffeine buzz is wearing off and my jaw hurts. Maybe I will eat less tomorrow then :P I was a bad girl and messed up my south beach diet over shabbos. I will start over again today, being its already sunday.

Ok, I am really rambling and overtired, its 1:30 am. But before I go, I want to point out that it was just recently the 28th of July, so that means I only have 2 months left of being 29, before the big 30 comes and drags me towards middle age :)

Say goodnight Gracie!!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Carbs, carbs, and more carbs

I am so craving carbs right now. I am on day 3 of South Beach diet. So hard! But I know if I stick to it I will manage to lose the baby weight IY"H. I read that eventually I won't crave any carbs once it gets out of my system. I will be allowed whole grained bread, rice and pasta in phase two, but I am planning on staying on phase one for a month. I read that 1 month is allowed, in a q and a with the doc who invented the diet, Dr. Agaston. Problem is, Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. I will have to be extremely strict with myself.

Today is the last day of the first session of camp. I can't believe the summer is half over. Monday begins the second session of camp. After camp is over, there is about a two week break until school begins (G_d help me, LOL) I will be stuck in the house with all 5 of them for those two weeks. I think I will try to toilet train #4 during this break, (she's 2 1/2 and ready, she takes her diaper off every time she pees..) and also get #3 to wear his tzitzis and kippa. He is extremely resistant, and the camp is lenient about it, but school will not be. I am going to do what I did to get him to be toilet trained, take him for ice cream if he puts it on :) I did that to get him to wear underwear after he was trained and it worked. I am not so certain it will work again though, so I am going to buy some stickers and stuff from the dollar store too as a back up.

Well, I am off now to go eat some veggies, maybe I will wake up tomorrow and be a rabbit :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

me have bronchitis :((

I have been wheezing and feeling sick and run down off and on for quite a while and each time, I thought it was just a virus. I recently had strep throat too, and was on amoxil for that. But today, as the day wore on, I started feeling sicker and sicker, and then my chest started hurting. I called the local doc who does house calls (what a blessing! I don't know what I would do without him, he frequently comes when one of the kids are sick, and saves me the trouble of shlepping all the kids to the doc) he told my my chest was packed full of mucus. I am on zithromax and also a steroid puffer to help reduce the inflammation so I can breathe better. He told me Biaxin works better but zithromax is easier to take. (I had a bad experience to biaxin once anyway, gave me a severe case of the runs where I ended up getting dehydrated) I just hope zithromax clears it up, being it does not work as well. G-d willing everything will work fine and I will feel better in a day or two.

today I had pics taken of #1 and #5 together. #4 screamed the minute I stepped foot into sears. She has a sears phobia :) every time I walk past the portrait studio she starts crying. we really want a pic of her, done professionally, but haven't been able to since she was an infant. I guess I will have to wait till school starts for her to get a pic LOL.

Not much else is doing and I am not feeling well right now. I will write more tomorrow IY"H.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


My neighbors house just caught fire, across the road and down a bit :( Luckily it was contained in the kitchen and they can go back inside in one hour. I felt bad for their daughter, she was really shook up and hysterical. I can understand, it must have been extremely scary, but thank G-d no one is hurt and no real damage was done, just the stove and some walls in the kitchen, I think..

#1 is driving me bonkers, he got a watch in the mail, included with an item I bought on ebay, and the batteries don't work. He keeps telling me go now and buy them, and I keep telling him it has to wait till tomorrow, its Tisha B'av, its not right to buy it now, and also I am fasting all day and am going no where. So he started his screeching, which is mind piercing. Also got the afternoon enrollment form for #3 for school, and I know I have to pay extra, but I had received a subsidy for the two tuitions, and am not sure if I am supposed to pay or not. I will have to phone tomorrow to find out. I was trying to leave voice mail and kept getting rudely interrupted and had to hang up on the machine mid recording due to hissy fits about blue berries and strawberries. (bubbe just brought over some fruit for them).

Anyway, I am not feeling well from fasting so I am going to sign off now..

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hello, my name is Yiddishkeit, and I am an eBay-aholic. :) HELP, I CAN'T STOP BUYING EBAY ITEMS!!!! :) It's not like I am buying things I don't need; I am buying my kids winter pjs right now, along with a winter coat for #1 and #5. I bought all of #2's dresses on ebay, gymboree BNWT at an excellent price, up to half of what I would have paid at the actual gymboree store. I love eBAY LOL.

So, what else is doing in my little world....my dad might come up for a visit in 2 weeks IY"H. YAY :) Maybe he can get my rude next door neighbor to quit her kvetching about everything I do. She is the housing complex gossip, in addition to being a gigantic sourpuss, complaining about my new back yard fence, after she gave her consent to me having one, complaining about my garbage bags I left outside for one second while I got my garage key out, and rudely parking her large minivan in my driveway along with giving her friends consent to do it too, without even bothering to ask my permission first, until I had a hissy fit finally one day and put a stop to that. Anyway, I haven't seen my dad in 2 years so I am looking forward to the visit, and hey, free babysitting LOL :) Just kidding. :)

Tomorrow is Tisha B'Av and its the hardest fast for me. It doesn't end until late, and I have all 5 kids home with me all day. At least there is air conditioning B"H :)

Well, that's about it for today. Nothing else really exciting doing right now except #5 just woke up from a nap courtesy of #1 waking her. time to feed the baby!.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Proud to be a New Jersey Girl!

I have lived in Canada since 1998, I am even a dual citizen now. I noticed something interesting about myself though. I find the longer I live in Canada, the prouder I am of having been born and raised in New Jersey. Maybe because its I have grown up deep in the suburbs of New Jersey and just am not a city girl and feel I just do not fit in here very well with the Torontonians. But I find, and a friend's in law visiting from the states concurred with me over shabbos, that we are just more laid back than Torontonians. As much as I thought I hated New Jersey while growing up, I find living in the city makes me a bit homesick for living in the middle of nowhere. (we didn't even have a mall in my town or any bus service :) I remember the excitement of the day was when the fire department got a new truck and the volunteer firemen were driving it around the streets to show it off LOL). I miss the small town heimishe ways. Maybe its just the frum communities are different due to the sheer difference in size. The frum community I belonged to in New Jersey was much smaller than Toronto, and it was easier to be closer to people. I feel a sense of pride when people recognize my New Jerseyan accent, though it was never thick to begin with and has faded a bit since I moved here. Its DAWG, not dog, awrange, not orange :P. I do have friends in Toronto, but I still feel a homesickness for my fellow New Jersey friends. We are going to be visiting NJ IY"H for a week in December, and I am really looking forward to it. It's been five years since I have visited my friends. Anyway, time for breakfast, enough rambling for now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who needs a sauna anyway?

When you have my house :) My air conditioning quit working today for good so the heating/cooling guy came and said there is a leak in the coil and the whole thing needs replacing. They are supposed to come tomorrow to replace it. Meanwhile we are sweating our tuchuses off. Time to dust off the fans. :)

Not much else doing, I decided after Tisha B'Av I will start the South Beach diet to lose the excess pregnancy pounds.

Well, got to run, time for food shopping :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anti yummy mummy

My daughter came home from camp with a business card from another camper, a business card with the kids pic, name, and underneath "Available for play dates on and off premises". Give me a break!!!! Maybe I am just anti social or something, but I found it a little pretentious to give your kid a business card when they are 5 years old!! I am a very down to earth person, no airs about me at all, I don't put on loads of make up just to go around the corner to buy diapers. I don't wear my sheitel just to take my kids to school. I don't hand my kids business cards to make play dates. Something about it just really rubs me the wrong way.

I go to the mall in Toronto and see some of these really pretentious mothers with the bugaboo strollers, not a hair out of place, perfectly behaved kids with the trendy names, who sit there snapping a million photos with 2 of their friends videotaping with a camcorder while their kid gets a hair cut (I saw that at melon heads, 3 people snapping pics and videotaping the one kid, pushing me and my stroller out of their way while I was trying to get 2 of my kids hair cut. I am in a pissy cranky mood today and feel like ranting. :) I just really can not stand rude pretentious people. I think what started my irritability today was when I put out the clippings and branches for pick up tomorrow one of the neighbors stood in my drive way staring at it and when I asked what was the problem she told me I should pay someone to pick it up, the branches are too big and I should go right now and buy more paper bags for it and split it, and I should put it in the garage in the mean time! ARG!!!!! I have 5 kids, why doesn't she go out and pick up some bags for me if it bothers her so much???? Why don'/t these people get a freaking life. Don't they have anything better to do? maybe I should hand her a ruler so she can measure the few branches that are sticking out to make sure they meet township requirements.

ok, I am going now, before I get even more crankier, if thats possible. Tomorrow is another, less cranky day :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another one breaks the bus....

Yup..that would be me. I took a bus route (YRT) I never went on before to visit a friend in the hospital and I put my ticket into the machine the wrong way and managed to jam it up so badly the bus driver couldn't get it out. Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed. The TTC doesn't use tickets like that and where I was from in New Jersey (Monroe Township) we didn't even have any busses. I had the same bus driver on the way back from the hospital and I told him, don't worry this time I have change, and I got a chuckle out of him. :)

On the way home from the hospital I stopped at the mall to pick up my digital pics I had uploaded from online to be printed out by the pharmaplus. The girl there, a snotty teenager with a nose ring and an enormous attitude problem didn't understand or even know Pharmaplus has the option of uploading pics from home without using the in-store machine I didn't have a receipt number and accidentally had the wrong order number. I showed her my drivers license and even though my name matched, she still gave me hard time. I told her, those are my kids in the picture! Why would I want a pic of someone else's children????? I got my pictures in the end but I think next time I may ask for the manager instead.

I am really tired as I hardly got any sleep thanks to drinking an iced coffee at 11 p.m. last night, so I may try to rest for a bit now while hubby watches the kids..

BTW incase anyone is wondering about the title of my blog entry, watch this. :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Money down the toilet

Literally :( #2 who is old enough to know better (she is 5 years old) flushed a rubber stopper to the bathtub down the toilet while I was changing #5. When I asked her what happened she told me it was just toilet paper. I called the plumber (again!) he used an auger to try to push through whatever was down there. When that didn't work, he had to take the toilet off and go the other way with his hand and a hanger. So the 100 dollars I got from selling my crib is now going to mr. plumber. Hubby went into the wrong profession LOL. Plumbing is where the money is :)

Sold...to the highest bidder!

I sold the crib on ebay and it was picked up last night. I am glad it will be going to good use. It was a good crib :). The family that it went to also has five children. While hubby was helping the winning bidder's husband load the crib into his minivan, #1 decided to climb in too. We told him to come out RIGHT NOW. We gave him a lecture, after the man left, about climbing into the car, because the man was a stranger. #1 always climbs into the bubbe's minivan when she comes over, and we explained that this man is not family, and nice as he was, he is still a stranger, and we NEVER go into strangers vehicles ever.

#3 must be confused. I think he believes he is a monkey. Yesterday, after camp, I caught #3 trying to climb on top of the plastic buggy hood to try to reach the latch on the fence gate. He did it twice, and third time I brought him into the house and he was not allowed to play in the backyard the rest of the afternoon. Then, he went to watch TV, and I caught him climbing on the back top of hubby's grandmother;'s chair that we inherited, and he was trying to grab onto a water pipe on the ceiling. He told me he wanted to swing from it. (the basement is only semi finished and the ceiling pipes are exposed in the basement, but its HIGH UP) He had two warnings, and the third time he was not allowed to watch TV for a while and was banned from the basement. One would think, after spending a whole day at camp, he would be too tired for these shenanigans. I wonder how he is behaving at camp. I have not heard anything, so I am assuming he's being a good boy and just saving these antics for me. How sweet of him LOL.

Well, got to go get dressed and get the kiddies up to get ready for camp. Toodles for now..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fenced in....

Yup. Thanks to the generosity of a neighbor, and another neighbor who is a contractor, we have our very own backyard fence! :) Including a gate too. Now we can have privacy and the kids can play outdoors. We have two little buggy cars for them to play in, and chalk. I would like to also buy a mr turtle pool and some more outdoor type toys to play with. Exciting stuff :)

Today #1 and #2 had their eye check ups with the eye doctor and are fine B"H. They don't have to go back for 8 months.

Monday I am having my check up. I know I am going to get a lecture about losing the rest of the baby weight, and also my cholesterol. I also have to see a podiatrist due to a painful ingrown toenail that hurts like hell. I had the brilliant idea to try to fix it myself with a nail clipper and now its even worse. A doctor I am not LOL. My family doc told me if its not better by Monday to see a podiatrist to have the nail bed dug out.

Oh ya, has anyone ever taken Dimeatapp before?? (I think I spelled that wrong, but oh well) I took some last night because my allergies were horrible and I could not stand the post nasal drip anymore. Not only did it knock me out, I felt really hung over from it this morning. Very tired and sleepy. Around 12 pm I started feeling back to normal.

Well, #4 needs diaper change and hubby should be home soon with dinner.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cup O' Joe

Kosher coffee anyone?? :) They just opened up a completely kosher second cup (canadian equivalent of starbucks) just around the corner from me. I have been there twice this past week. They even have kosher sandwiches and pastries too. I am in heaven :) but my waist line will go to hell LOL. I had the skinny chocolate chiller and it was absolutely delicious!!

So let's see, what else can I blog about?? Well, WEIRD AL of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) He will be in Toronto this Tuesday at Massey Hall. I am very disappointed about not being able to attend the concert. Besides not being able to buy tickets, I forgot, its the three weeks and I can't listen to music, so I would not have been able to attend the concert anyway even if I was able to get tickets. He will also be playing my home town, NJ several times the next few months, but that doesn't do me any good cause I am here in toronto. Maybe the next time he does a tour I can convince hubby to let us buy tickets so we can go.

Speaking of the three weeks, I forgot the nine days starts in a week from Monday and didn't plan dairy meals when I went shopping last Thursday. There's always pizza and veggie burgers. :)

Oh ya, last week, I was shopping at sobeys, and saw this nanny with a baby with a really rude t-shirt saying, Don't blame the parents, they did their best. I wonder what the parents thought of their nanny wearing that. Personally, if that was a nanny working for me, that would be an unemployed nanny.

Ok, time to make supper.

Friday, July 06, 2007

CAMP! :)

So far, #2 and #3 love camp :) The first day, I felt a bit sad when the bus pulled away as this would be the first time #3 would be away from me a whole day. Every time the phone rang or my cell phone rang, I was a nervous wreck, expecting it would be the camp calling to come pick up #3. but so far so good, though the camp already managed to lose #3's sun tan lotion. Last year, they lost #2's suntan lotion 3 times. I am not going to replace it this time. I know the camp has extra bottles around, that's what last year's counselor told me. (probably a collection of all the bottles kids have lost). Last year they also lost #2's hat and headbands. I think they are a bit irresponsible with these things because they are still kind of young ( I think the regular counselors are about 17/18 or so. They don't realize it can get expensive to replace these things repeatedly. Anyway, they seem to love camp so it really doesn't matter about the lost items so much.

Not much else doing today. My crib on ebay is currently going for 100 dollars. Yay :) It ends on Monday. #1 has a sore throat and probably has strep. He started his antibiotics yesterday, but not before he shared the wealth with #4 and #5 by coughing all over them. Sigh. I really hope they don't catch the strep.

Well, that's about it for now...got to get dressed before the kids wake up.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Swiper, No Swiping!!

So, I am checking out craigslist cribs, after I relisted my crib on ebay and noticed someone stole my pic I had posted for my listing on ebay to sell their own crib on craigslist!! I am pissed. I know its my crib picture they took as my daughter's wall paper border which is slightly ripped in places due to her and her siblings picking at is in the background!! and the ebay logo is in the bottom of the pic too. My crib may look like the one they are selling but they can't just go steal a copy of my pic and pass it off as their own. I found it very disturbing to see a pic of my crib/wallpaper in someone else posting. It's not right, and to be honest it sort of freaked me out a little to see a pic of my kids bedroom with the crib for sale in someone else listing on craigs list.

Ok, enough rambling now. Got to go change diapers.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. Day camp starts in two days. As much as I am looking forward to #2 and #3 going to day camp, this will be the first time #3 will be away from me in a group setting. I am not sure how he'll react to going on the bus by himself but at least his older sis will be with him. Hopefully he'll adjust and have a great time. When we did the test run at school he cried for me the whole time until they went to music class. but now he's a bit older so..but in any case, i am sticking around at home the first day in case the camp tries to call me. I'm neurotic, what can I say? :)

In other news, I think I'm going to relist the crib when it ends (no bidders). If no one bids this second time around I think I will try to donate it. I know a few women who are expecting and may need a crib. I would like to see it put to good use. Otherwise I will be stuck with this crib until I have grandkids IY"H LOL. I am trying to clean up my basement area to make more room and really don't want it cluttering up. I already have one crib down there that my kids used as a trampoline a few years ago and broke into two.

BTW does anyone know what to do for a really painful fissure in the heel area? I went outside barefoot last week to get #1 from the bus and something cut my foot open in two spots on the heel and it's throbbing so bad right now I can't walk on it. I tried using epsom salts just before and then some polysporin but its hurting like hell.

Ok, I guess I have make supper now. Tomorrow is a fast day and I got to eat up so I can make it through the day. The fast ends 9:33 pm here.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

feeling streppy today!

#3 had a fever all shabbos and today I had a doc come over and check him out. It looks like strep but we'll know for sure when the culture comes back Tuesday (tomorrow is canada Day observed so labs are closed). Of course, I had a sore throat for a few days and was not home when the doc came (I was stocking up on cherries that were on sale at sobeys, 1.99 a pound! and they look so yummy!!!!) I called doc in the house (I didn't want to make the family housecall doc come back 2x in one day) My throat is red but not a lot but being I have a history of having strep with little symptoms (3 times this past winter), she gave me a prescription to take in case my throat gets worse. I hope #2 doesn't catch it. the first day of camp is Wednesday.

So, no one has bid on my crib on ebay. :( bid on it now! Now now now now! :) you know you want a nice crib! You do! (local pick up only of course, :P)

Well, I have yet another mountain of laundry to do.

Will post more later.