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Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. Day camp starts in two days. As much as I am looking forward to #2 and #3 going to day camp, this will be the first time #3 will be away from me in a group setting. I am not sure how he'll react to going on the bus by himself but at least his older sis will be with him. Hopefully he'll adjust and have a great time. When we did the test run at school he cried for me the whole time until they went to music class. but now he's a bit older so..but in any case, i am sticking around at home the first day in case the camp tries to call me. I'm neurotic, what can I say? :)

In other news, I think I'm going to relist the crib when it ends (no bidders). If no one bids this second time around I think I will try to donate it. I know a few women who are expecting and may need a crib. I would like to see it put to good use. Otherwise I will be stuck with this crib until I have grandkids IY"H LOL. I am trying to clean up my basement area to make more room and really don't want it cluttering up. I already have one crib down there that my kids used as a trampoline a few years ago and broke into two.

BTW does anyone know what to do for a really painful fissure in the heel area? I went outside barefoot last week to get #1 from the bus and something cut my foot open in two spots on the heel and it's throbbing so bad right now I can't walk on it. I tried using epsom salts just before and then some polysporin but its hurting like hell.

Ok, I guess I have make supper now. Tomorrow is a fast day and I got to eat up so I can make it through the day. The fast ends 9:33 pm here.


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