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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Slippery when wet

I am feeling MUCH better now B"H. I was afraid to use my puffer, even though the doc prescribed it for me, it said on the instructions about using it with bronchitis (its just the one with the steroids to reduce inflammation, not the one for instant action, as I have a tendency towards sinus tachycardia and the doc and I both agreed that one wouldn't be a good idea to use)

So anyway, I posted a few things to make available to people on my town's site that has a page called re-useful, and one person asked me to take a pic of it (its headboards that I got that I had no use for, so I want it out, and besides its missing the screws to attach it, so no point in selling it on ebay). Motzei shabbos, I went downstairs to take the pic only to discover the batteries were dead in my digital camera. So then I run upstairs to go charge it and use regular batteries in the mean time, and I slip and go flying into the stairs, cracking the side of my jaw and neck on the cement wall side of the stairs. Turns out #3 decided to water the hallway while I was in the basement momentarily. I almost dropped my camera on the hard floor. I am really glad my camera is okay but I can't say the same for my jaw and neck. There is a huge red mark on my neck where the side of the wall smashed into it. I hope people don't think its a hickey LOL. My jaw is killing me. I keep bugging hubby I think I fractured it on the stairs LOL. I guess if it was that severe I wouldn't be able to open my big mouth :) . But still, it didn't hurt so bad at first but now a few hours later its freaking throbbing. There is also a slight red mark on my side of face where I connected to the side of the stairs. The pain is radiating all the way to my damn ear.

Ok, enough kvetching for now :)

After that, I watched a Zach Braff movie, The Last Kiss, which actually I found to be very depressing. Then I came upstairs and watched the rest of a Harry Potter movie on the computer. :) Not very exciting LOL.

Anyway, its late and my iced coffee caffeine buzz is wearing off and my jaw hurts. Maybe I will eat less tomorrow then :P I was a bad girl and messed up my south beach diet over shabbos. I will start over again today, being its already sunday.

Ok, I am really rambling and overtired, its 1:30 am. But before I go, I want to point out that it was just recently the 28th of July, so that means I only have 2 months left of being 29, before the big 30 comes and drags me towards middle age :)

Say goodnight Gracie!!



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