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Friday, July 13, 2007

Sold...to the highest bidder!

I sold the crib on ebay and it was picked up last night. I am glad it will be going to good use. It was a good crib :). The family that it went to also has five children. While hubby was helping the winning bidder's husband load the crib into his minivan, #1 decided to climb in too. We told him to come out RIGHT NOW. We gave him a lecture, after the man left, about climbing into the car, because the man was a stranger. #1 always climbs into the bubbe's minivan when she comes over, and we explained that this man is not family, and nice as he was, he is still a stranger, and we NEVER go into strangers vehicles ever.

#3 must be confused. I think he believes he is a monkey. Yesterday, after camp, I caught #3 trying to climb on top of the plastic buggy hood to try to reach the latch on the fence gate. He did it twice, and third time I brought him into the house and he was not allowed to play in the backyard the rest of the afternoon. Then, he went to watch TV, and I caught him climbing on the back top of hubby's grandmother;'s chair that we inherited, and he was trying to grab onto a water pipe on the ceiling. He told me he wanted to swing from it. (the basement is only semi finished and the ceiling pipes are exposed in the basement, but its HIGH UP) He had two warnings, and the third time he was not allowed to watch TV for a while and was banned from the basement. One would think, after spending a whole day at camp, he would be too tired for these shenanigans. I wonder how he is behaving at camp. I have not heard anything, so I am assuming he's being a good boy and just saving these antics for me. How sweet of him LOL.

Well, got to go get dressed and get the kiddies up to get ready for camp. Toodles for now..


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