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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cellphones and Driving DO NOT Mix

I have had it with inconsiderate people here in the GTA that are so busy yapping on their cell phones that they can not see the pedestrians and baby pedestrians that are right in front of them. Today I was in the Sobey's shopping plaza and this guy was so busy yapping away that he drove at me, and then proceeded to park in a spot that was not even a designated parking spot. I was ticked off, but what made me laugh was #1 said, Let me handle this mom. LOL. I told him not to bother to say anything. Not worth it. But I feel strongly Ontario needs to put an end to cell phones and driving. It is NOT the same as talking to someone in the car with you, I think its way more distracting. and this is NOT the first time I had a run in with a putz yapping on the phone while driving. Actually, I find it highly obnoxious also when I am waiting on line at the super market and have to listen to someone shriek their conversation. I was stuck listening to some girl go on and on about how she spent 100 dollars on tuna steak to her friend on the phone.

Ok, I want to go read now. BTW I am not having any more food with aspartame in it. Its causing me huge headaches. After I got a few, I looked up aspartame on google and it scared the hell out of me. I am now not even sure about splenda, but its better than aspartame I think.

BTW I think I lost a pound or two from South beach. But I messed up tonight by drinking a small slushy and having one too many sugar free ice pops. I wanted to use them up to get rid of aspartame products :P


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