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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eye alone...

I am in an extremely bad mood, in case you wonder why I am so grouchy in this post. Eye don't know what to do. (pun intended). this morning I woke up with a burning pain in my left eye, and it was watering and very blurry. The blurriness lasted for a good half hour. I used some eye drops I had at home, tobramycin and I don't know if its a coincidence but it gradually got better. Not perfect. but it hurt and I knew something was wrong So I called my doc who had me come in and said he doesn't know whats wrong. wait a few hour and see. but by 11 am I was very anxious and upset as I could not read my book as my left eye is still blurry slightly. So he got me in to see an opthamologist tomorrow. but I used the drops again just before and now its no longer blurry but still feels sore. I am not sure if I should cancel tomorrow if its better or just go and be sure. The doc office said if its not any problem I need to pay 100 dollars. My doc said not to worry, as It IS a problem. But I am afraid to take that chance. 100 dollars is a lot of money for nothing. What happens if my eye is all better tomorrow? should I risk it and go to the doc anyway? I won't use any more drops because its probably an infection I have and I rather it treated properly. My father in law is a pharmacist and he told me its not good to use old eye drops as its contaminated after you open it. Damn canada's stupid health care. I wish I were in the States. Where even though you pay through the nose for health care at least you are seen without this stupidity.

I am just so frustrated being away from my family and friends. I wish hubby would get a job offer in NY and we can just go home. I feel very isolated here and its so hard to just rely on my mother in law for everything. Once all my kids are in school it will be easier for me to get around. but that is 2 years away. What I really need is a car. Sigh. Tomorrow I have to load my triple stroller and #1 onto the bus. should be real fun. and all the rude obnoxious people on the bus can yell at me some more for taking up a lot of room with my stroller. Screw them. They can go pay for a cab for me instead if they don't like it. Ok, I am going as my eye is itching and hurting and really annoying me.

BTW I had a nice time at the wedding, despite the babysitter calling me 5 times, saying, the kids missed me, the kids felt hot to her (they were fine.) the kids won't go to sleep. (she called 2 times a half hour apart for that one.) I finally gave the phone to hubby who told her its FINE if they fall asleep on the couch. She was inexperienced so I think that explains it. But I won't use her again to babysit. The chuppah was beautiful. It was outdoors. Gorgeous. The food was good at the wedding, There were salad bowls that were edible (some sort of crispy bowl thing) and basalmic chicken with potatoes and veggies. and of course chocolate cake for dessert. and I had a fuzzy navel. 2 actually, and a glass of wine. I don't ever drink but I decided to try a fuzzy navel at the wedding for the first time and it tasted so darn yummy.

Today I start the south beach diet again.


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