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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye am feeling better

My left eye is no longer blurry. I think I had an eye infection. My doc didn't think so but 2 of my kids have pink eye since yesterday and I used their eye drops too and today it is a big difference. B"H. That was scary though..

Not much else is doing. I am having a cranky week and feeling very irritable :P. I think its endofcamp-itis. Or maybe I am just tired of some of the phoney super I am perfect and my kids are perfect too moms (or mom) at the bus stop. Especially ones that make a comment that my boys are being hard to control yesterday. NO they are not. They are just being BOYS. BOYS made to wait 20 minutes at the bus stop for a bus that is running LATE!!!! and the fact is one of them has ASPERGERS AND ADHD and was being set off by the fact that there was a storm cloud in the weather radar. (he is currently fixated on weather and keeps checking the weather sattelite on line) !! Screw you. sorry, I just had to vent :) Let her try standing at the freaking bus stop with 5 kids for twenty minutes and see how well behaving her kids are. She only has 2 kids 2 years apart and does not understand what aspergers is or how little things can make them a little upset or out of sorts sometimes. So she can keep her expert opinion to her freaking self.

We are planning on going to the EX this Sunday IY"H. I will be more chipper then :) Because I wont have to see super mom and her perfect angelic kids that never ever misbehave.

Ok, enough ranting for now. I have to go make food for shabbos.


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