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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally found a sitter!

Well, I finally found a sitter for the wedding we are invited to Tuesday night. I know her mom, but her mom didn't know my name, just recognized me my sight only so she called me up to see who her daughter was babysitting for. After a grilling, I passed approval. :) Once I described my triple stroller, and the fact that I see her every day, she realized who I was. Then we played Jewish Geography and found we had several people in common. So she told me she likes to know who her daughter is baby sitting for, and I totally understand. She asked me if I own a TV as her daughter likes to watch after the kids are asleep (and I thought, gee, she thinks they are going to go to sleep for her? LOL.). See? finding a sitter is like finding a shidduch. I got grilled with a bunch of questions and we even discuss owning a tv! :P Anyway, I am going to call her tomorrow night to confirm. I am slightly worried she might cancel at the last second, but I doubt it as she sounded very mature and reliable on the phone.

On shabbos, we went to the park in the afternoon and saw our pediatrician with his grandkids. My #2 goes to school with one of them. They played nicely. At one point hubby was pushing #3 in the swing and our pediatrician was pushing his granddaughter in the other. I felt hubby was pushing #3 way too high and I told him it was making me a bit nervous, and my pediatrician was joking don't worry, I'll catch him if he flies out. Ha ha :P. I an't help it that I am a neurotic mommy :P

Next Sunday we are planning on going to the Canadian National Exhibition with #1 and #2. The bubbe is babysitting the rest. It's not easy getting a triple stroller on a crowded street car, so we decided it would be more enjoyable for us if we just brought the older two with us and had bubbe babysit the rest. Then Sunday night we are going to Sheva Brachos hosted by the bubbe for the girl who's wedding we are going to Tuesday night. hey, two nights I don't have to cook dinner :) Yay!

Well, that's it for now. Time for breakfast.


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