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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Getting ready for back 2 school

Well, camp is officially over as of yesterday and now we are headed into the direction of back to school. Sept 4. :) #1 is going into grade 2, #2 is going into Senior Kindegarten, and #3 is going into junior kindergarten. Very exciting :) I can't remember what it is like to just have two kids at home during the day. Its going to be weird at first but I am looking forward to the quiet break in the day. :)

Last night I got an email that I won a contest from the family channel for the Downsview park family fest. but alas, I must forfeit my prize as we have no clue who any of the kids entertainers are and don't really feel like going. The singers are for a bit older crowd like 8 years to teens. I am not really sure why I bothered entering, except I just enter every contest I see :) I never win. except this time I did. Oh well.

Not much else doing today. Just loads of laundry. and also the fact that #5 has taken off her diaper AGAIN for the zillionth time today.

I am looking for a free couch without tears and stains and have been looking on craigs list. I haven't found one yet but am rather enjoying craigslist. There is a section for pets and I really want a cat and keep emailing hubby ads of free cats :) so far, no go, he is making me wait until #5 is in school, hence I have two years to go. I grew up with tons of pets and can't imagine not having one. I had a dog growing up, named Pepper, a mini schnauzer. he died when I was 14 and we replaced him with Max, another schnauzer. We also had a lot of guinea pigs (apparently the store was WRONG when they told me Patches was female LOL.) I had a cat named Tigger who my sister inherited when I left for Canada. My mom had 2 ferrets which I hated cause I think they smell bad and feel slimy. She also had a yellow canary named Twinkie, we had fish at one point. and I also used to have hermit crabs which I sold because when they die, they crawl out of their shells and its totally gross.

All I want now, as an adult, is just a little itty bitty kitty so the kids could know what its like to have a pet :) so if hubby is reading this, my birthday is coming up and a furry little meow would be a great gift :)

Ok, more laundry to do now...


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