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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grocery Gateway

I have had it with grocery gateway. Today was the last straw. I do not plan on ever having my groceries delivered by them again, no matter how convenient it may be. Last time I ordered from them, they gave me Enfamil A+ instead of Nestle Follow up. Ok, a mistake, it happens. Today, they gave me an opened box that said Follow up but inside was Enfamil A+. two different manufacturers so who ever put my order together screwed up big time. So I call up, and they had the driver come back later and exchange it. We both checked and it was follow up inside this time. I did not take out the cans to examine them. So after he goes, I unpack and every can is totally smashed in big time, like big foot stepped on it. I was royally pissed this time. So I call up and tell them don't bother refunding me on credit, I am not ordering from your company again. I want my money back. So tomorrow the guy is coming over to credit my debit card. I also called Nestle and the lady there told me DO NOT use the dented cans, they can have bacteria in it. She is having a rep call grocery gateway to see how their product is being handled. Also sending me a five dollar coupon to use towards next formula purchase. She was very nice to do that as it was not nestle's fault but grocery gateways carelessness. The driver better show up tomorrow to give me my refund or else I am going to call up and demand to speak to a supervisor/manager.


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