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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


#3 was having a very difficult morning today. First, after I helped him choose an outfit to wear, he decided it was too red (the shirt was red). So I helped him pick another outfit, but after getting it off the hanger, and putting it on, he decided he did not want to wear that. I was out of time, and falling behind schedule, and the grocery gateway delivery guy was coming any second, ((and of course he brought me a wrong formula, I needed good start follow up and he brought me enfamil A+, a costly mistake their part, A+ s 15 dollars more than follow up, but I sent it back with the driver. I didn't want it). Then, after #3 finally gets dressed, and we all have breakfast, he realizes he left his hat at camp yesterday. He didn't want to go to the camp bus stop and I had to carry him, kicking and screaming, while I attempted to push the triple stroller. At the stop, he pulled off one of his shoes and socks and threw a fit for me to put it back on him. Then the bus came and he refused to go on. I had to carry him on the bus and help him find his seat. He was really tired this morning and I think that explains his behaviour, but a part of me worries that maybe he has Aspergers too. But he does really well at camp and has no troubles there that I have heard, and I asked the head counsellor how he was with the other kids. also the pediatrician said he is fine and does not have Aspergers like his big brother. I guess I will chalk it up to he was having a bad day.
anyway #1 is kicking me off the computer to play some kids games on it...BTW I bumped into a friend I had not seen in 2-3 weeks and she noticed I lost a few pounds :) Yay. I have to be stricter though with myself because I had a skinny chocolate chiller and that is not on the allowed foods list :( I will be a good girl the rest of the day and through shabbos IY"H. I probably could have lost more if I was being strict with phase #1. at this rate I will be on phase one forever LOL :)


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