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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oye como va...

I have had the most weirdest dream over shabbos. When I was in high school, the band would always play Oye Como Va (originally by Tito Puente, but also by Carlos Santana). I never knew the proper name of it though and have not heard this song in 15 years. Last night I dreamed about it, actually hearing the song, and words Oye Como va in my dream and somehow the name Santana popped up in there too. Tonight, after shabbos I looked up Oye como va wondering what the hell it meant (and found out it was the song I heard in high school, and I found a copy on you tube played by Santana. Freaking weird. The junior high school band teacher was in my dream too, he was conducting the band. What a wacked out dream. In my dream he had died and was on his way up, he said he was waiting for the song to be over. I am slightly worried as the last time I had a dream this weird and vivid, it was about my rav's wife who was sick with terminal lung cancer and she had passed away over shabbos. I had dreamed this, even the details about passing away right after kiddush. I hope this is just a weird dream and nothing else.

Ok, hubby is coming home soon with pizza. So I am going to go downstairs now and read till the chow gets here.


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