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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Paging Mary Poppins...

Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?!? I am invited to a wedding Tuesday night and still DO NOT have a sitter!!! I have made numerous phone call today and if I don't find someone by tonight, I am done looking for a sitter. I will just have to miss the simcha. It's out of my control. I feel bad, because I am invited to the whole thing. The first girl I called, was a daughter of someone we know from shul. The parents gave her the message several times before she bothered phoning back. when she did grace us with her phone call, she would not give a definite answer. Hubby wanted to wait until she answered. A day or two went by, and I called her again. This time she says no, but she has a friend who can. So I ask her what's the #, I will call directly and she wouldn't give me the #, but said she will have her friend call us. Of course, I did not bother waiting anymore and her friend never called.

After that, I called several more people and a few were going away to the cottage and one was going to the same wedding as us. So I ended up calling #3's counsellor from last month and she will let me know tonight. I really hope she says yes. She never babysat 5 kids at once but has been in charge of the group at camp, which had numerous kids in it. She wanted to think about it and is supposed to phone me at 8 pm tonight. Finding a babysitter is a lot like looking for a shidduch. You call up the sitter and say, this is what I have (describe kids here). this is what I am looking for in a sitter. T hen the sitter describes herself and her child caring techniques and you have to see if you are a fit. One family we called, the girl sounded like she was not all there. I asked her if she could sit, yeah (insert big silence here). she didn't ask how many kids I had, or even what day I needed her for. She was too busy watching the tv that was blaring in the background. I had gotten a very strong bad vibe from her and told her, never mind and hung up. I have feeling we had the wrong phone number or something, or there is something wrong with that girl. I am very picky when it comes to who watches my kids. Better safe than sorry.

Anyways, I am tired and want to make an iced coffee now..


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