A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Adults....

today I was in the mall, and saw two kids, could not have been more than 12 years old. They were by themselves. One of the girls was on a cell phone, wearing short shorts and a tank top, hip jutted out with a very mature look on her face. What is the world coming to?? How could the parents let their child out looking like a tramp, she is only 12 years old!! Why on earth would a twelve year old need a cell phone????? Sheesh. If I were 12 and left the house looking like that, (my dad would never have let me go out like that in the first place, and I never dressed like a ho anyway .)I would have been grounded for a month.

Anyway, I took #2 to a birthday party at a sukkah for her friend. Then I went to the library to return some books which I did not like, I found boring, like The Gravediggers daughter, and also The ladies lending library. I just could not get into the plot. I then went to the mall, and after the shock of seeing two twelve year olds going on 24, I bought a nice down coat from Land's End. They have a shop inside sears. Its spice brown colored and is calf length, and has a fake fur trimmed hood. It seems warm, 80 percent down, 20 percent feathers. (I am allergic to feathers actually, but it worth the allergies as I need to stay warm when walking and have not found a warm alternative thats equal. Then I stopped at Lulu Lemon where I found an even nicer beautiful warm down coat way out of my price range. But it was so nice to drool over :) It was a nice beige coat, very warm lining, stuffed with a heavy weight down and feathers. It was also 250 plus tax. The coat I bought from lands end was 149 plus tax. The difference would have been a good 100 dollars plus. My dad gave me 100 american towards the coat and I shelled out the rest. But if I bought at Lulu Lemon I would have to shell out a lot more than I did. But what a nice coat that was. I do like the one I bought too. Its nice and warm and comfy :)

What else is new...#4 has an ear infection over Yom Tov/shabbos.

I got my seneca catalog :)) I have to get CPR certified before I apply. Where the heck do I get that???? I am going to have to phone them to ask. I also noticed I will have to take a university level english course. I already completed that and then some at William Paterson University. I don't want to take it again. Its boring and too easy for me because that was my previous major. I guess I will have to call WPU to get a copy of my university transcripts. My grades the first year were good. 3.0 out of 4.0. but the second year my parents were getting divorced and it was quite distracting for me and I was also starting to become frum and was not focused on my studies and my grades dropped to a C average, before I dropped out. I hope they just ignore my second year studies. But I want to opt out of the English class. its a waste of my time.

I saw I will need to take Math for Meds. I am slightly worried about that as Math is my weak subject. but its just for meds no algebra or anything so maybe I will be okay.

Ok, my mother in law is going to be here soon to give me lift to pharmacy for #4. Got to run :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Officially 30 now...

Yesterday I started my trek over the hill LOL. I had a boring 30th b-day as it was Yom Tov/Erev shabbos. IY"H hubby and I will go for a coffee sunday morning with bubbe watching the kids. Anyway, I want to go clean up from Yom Tov/Shabbos. Will try to post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another funny Weird Al Video

In honor of my upcoming 30th birthday I decided to share another one of my favourite Weird Al videos. :)

It's Sukkah Time! Happy big 3-0 To Me!! :P (On Friday!)

We finally put up the sukkah and decorations, but of course now its pouring out so all the decorations are going to fall off. Oh well. It's 1:30 am and I am up because the baby was crying. She is very congested with a bad cold. I think I may try to bring her to the pediatrician to see what I can give her to make her less congested.

So, by the time I post next, motzei Shabbos, IY"H, I will be another year older, wiser,and starting my trek over the hill. :P Yes, as I have blogged about many times lately, I am turning the big 3-0- (shhhhh!) Friday, second day of Succos, which is both my Hebrew and English birthday on the same day, the 28th of September. A double treat, yay. :) so if you wish me a happy birthday, remember, I am turning 18 :P

Turning 30 also means I have been frum now for 10 years...also 10 years that I have known hubby, which means its been 13 years since I have started using the computer and had started using IRC, starting off on #ChatCafe, and then winding my way towards #Jewish :) Turning 30 means I have graduated MTHS 13 years ago and started high school about 16 years ago (too tired to figure out exactly how long, blah)

Ok, I need to go to sleep. Now that I am getting old, us going over the hill need our zzzzzzzzs :P

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cute Weird Al Video

I saw this a few times and thought it was a cute parody of Bob Dylan. Click here to watch. Weird Al is so funny LOL.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Countdown to turning 30....

Thursday is both my Hebrew and English birthday, on the same day, the big 30. I only have a few days left of being able to check off the 20-29 year old option when entering contests. then I start my trek over the hill LOL. :P

Yom Kippur was not a hard fast for me because I was sick and I am pretty sure I was running a fever too, though I could not check to find out. But when the fast ended, I took a tylenol and the hot feeling and achyness went away, and left me with a bad cold. My kids were pretty good about letting me rest too. I was lucky. Usually they can get wild on shabbos. They played quietly and #1 read a book to himself and let #2 and #3 look at the book with him. I feel better today B"H though my root canal tooth is still aching.

Well, I am off to go back to sleep...it is only 6:30 in the morning on a weekend.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surprise! you're getting a Root Canal!

I went to the dentist last night for a follow up to the abscess and next thing I know, he is sticking a needle in my gum. I was like, what the heck are you doing? and he said, root canal! Damn it, that's my third root canal! It sucks! it hurts like hell too. Blah.

Anyway, I am going to go put away my usual mountain of laundry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Starting the process

Today I phoned up my old high school (Go MTHS! :P) and requested they send me my transcripts. It felt weird calling there and using my maiden name. I have changed so much since then. IY"H next year probably by September I will be applying for the nursing program at Seneca, for the September 2009 semester. I am really excited about it but also a nervous wreck too. Baruch Hashem, I have a full busy life with taking care of 5 kids and a hubby, but I feel going back to finish my degree is what I have to do. I feel it strongly in my gut. I am not getting any younger, and if I wait till my kids are all grown up I will be too old then. I hope they accept me into the program. I find I start doubting myself and then start to feel discouraged but I know in my heart being a nurse is what I should be doing. I should have known when I was a candy striper at the hospital for 4 years and loved every second, even sometimes volunteering 8 hour shifts, that was my true calling, not being a teacher like my whole family pushed me into majoring in. I wasted my university time and money in a wrong major. I hope to G-d that I get accepted into the nursing program. Being I am not applying till next year, I have less than 12 months to obsess and worry about it LOL, and of course, daven very hard :) I know it will be a difficult path I am taking, and I worry how will I manage to get the kids to school in time and home and still take courses? G-d willing it will all work out. I also worry about how the hell I am going to pay for it, but I guess I will have to look at OSAP and pray I get a lot of grants and bursaries, and also of course DAVEN very hard :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nurse Mommy R.N.

I am very drawn to the health sciences field. I never finished university (I attended William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ for 2 years as an English major, then York University, Toronto, 1 year, English major..I did not like it and never showed up to any of my classes at York LOL). I never figured out what I wanted to do with my life back then career wise and did not take university seriously. Now, 10 years later, as I approach 30, (Sept 28, don't forget!! :P) I want to be fulfilled professionally. Soon, in two years all of my kids will be in school IY"H. I want to be something, more than just a mother. When I was in university I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I am not meant to be a teacher. I feel that in my gut and that is why I never showed up to the classes at York. I always attended at WPU though..) I love the medical field, I find it fascinating. I was speaking to my mother in law's friend who is a nurse at length yesterday, being we were both at the urgent care clinic for hours. (She was with her husband who was not feeling well). I think I am very interested in becoming a nurse. I wonder if it would be possible to go back to university as a mature student in 2 years time and get a nursing degree. I could go when my kids are in school, or perhaps there are evening courses. I want to look further into it. Right now I am just too exhausted to possibly be able to study for any degree. but in 2 years time I will have my days free IY"H. I wish I knew this 10 years ago, I could have had my degree by now instead of wasting time studying for an English degree that is useless. I am definitely going to look into the nursing programs around to see what my options are so I can get an idea of what it would be like.

I'm Pointing At You!

I'm pointing at you :P I can't help it, my finger is in a damn splint. I have mallet finger from the sliding glass door smashing closed on it, severing part of a tendon in the tip of my finger. I hate this splint. I am being a bad girl..its off right now temporarily. I saw my doc and he told me I can take it off briefly to flex my finger so the muscles won't be stiff. It feels weird using the finger as even though the splint's off its not bending the way its supposed to. As soon as I finish typing this I will behave and put it back on. When I was at the urgent care clinic, the nurse was so funny. We were chatting away and she was telling me, I must be brave, taking care of 5 kids with a finger like this. Funny enough it doesn't hurt much since Saturday, it just feels funny. She also told me she thought I was very pretty and why was I wearing a snood? Where's my wig or a nice hat? (My OHIP card has me in a sheitel but I don't wear it usually, only to simchas) I was wearing a snood because its the first thing I threw on when leaving the house in a rush. Its funny but since I gained some weight from having kids I stopped feeling pretty. I just felt fat. I am not severely overweight but I am a few sizes bigger than I was before having kids, and I am very unhappy with my current weight. My doc referred me on my request to this weight loss doc covered by ohip. I hear he has zero bedside manner and is rude, but I have met several of his patients who have lost a lot of weight and look great. I want to be back to my thin self before December, when G-d willing we are visiting NJ. I have not been home in 5 years. I am seeing my best friend who I have not seen since before I got married and she remembers me at my fighting weight of 110 pounds. If I start now I G-d willing can be that before end of December. I hope this doc does not mind me bringing the babies. They are in the stroller and well behaved.

Before, #5 got stung by a bee by her eye. I had no idea a bee was in the house. (we had just come in from a walk). She was screaming and frantic, which in turn made me frantic. I rushed her to the pediatrician and the pediatrician's wife who is the receptionist made me feel upset for being so nervous. She told me I am making the baby more upset by being so anxious about her bee sting. Well, excuse me, but when I hear my baby crying like that for the first time in her little 16 months and writhing around and her little cheek by her eye is starting to get red and puffy with a bee stinger there, EXCUSE ME FOR panicking. I had removed the stinger at home and gave her benadryl and then I panicked so there :P (I was worried about allergic reaction to bee sting) I will try not to panic next time a bee sting happens.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Severed tendon in my finger tip

yup. I am typing 1 handed for 6 weeks. its in a plastic splint for 6 weeks. I can take it off short periods. Tired now after waiting almost 4 hrs to be seen & fast is ending now. will attempt to write more tomorrow :)

The Full Rosh Hashana Report

Erev Rosh Hashana, #1 lost a second baby tooth, right next to the one that fell out. :) He looks like a pumpkin.

Also, there was a bad accident on the bus route hubby uses to get to/from work and the road was closed. All the buses on that route were more than a half hour behind as traffic was closed. I did not know this, and when candle lighting was in less than a half hour and hubby still wasn't home, I was really freaking out with worry, as hubby was feeling sick that day and I let my anxiety run away with me, of course :P. Apparently he had walked from the bus stop home, a half hour walk. He does not have a cell phone, so had no way of letting me know. When he got home, I had totally forgotten to shut off the TV, lights, and bathroom lights in the basement. We ate all our meals at the bubbe/zaidie's house, so we didn't notice until the next morning when I heard some noise from the basement. I can't believe I left them all on!! Not only was the noise very annoying and detracting from Yom Tov, I had to guard the door to the basement to keep the kids from watching it. It was left on Treehouse TV, a 24 hour all day cartoon channel for kids. I could hear Timothy goes to school, This is Daniel Cook, The backyardigans, and the kids kept asking me, we hear timonthy, can we go watch? and I had to explain how Mommy goofed and forgot to shut it off before candlelighting and just pretend its not on.

Then, during Yom Tov, the backdoor screen at bubbe/zaidie's house got broken due to a certain 16 month old baby peeling off the little rubber siding. So then #3, my troublemaking one LOL, walks through it and totally breaks it all the way. I was very upset, now having to go explain to bubbe and zaidie how their screen door got destroyed by the kids, and after he went back into the house, I went to slam the heavy storm glass door and slammed it on my pointer finger tip, breaking it. Talk about pain. I was hysterical with pain it hurt soooooooo bad. #1 said, let's call 911. I told him not to, its not life threatening, I did not sever my finger, though I did get a nasty gash in its side. But it hurt!!! I have a high tolerance for pain but this pain made me want to vomit. It was worse than labour. I know I should probably go to the hospital to have it x-rayed (no I still have not gone and its been 2 days since it happened) but I don't see a point. What can they do for a broken finger tip?? I took a pic and emailed it to my sister and she told me its so crooked and I better go get it looked at. To tell you the truth, canadian health care sucks and I don't feel like wasting a whole freaking day in the ER just to be told there is nothing you can do for a broken finger tip.

Then, motzei shabbos, hubby comes home from shul and is knocking on the door and I run down the stairs to open the door for him and I slip and fall down the bottom steps and smash my arm into the side of the cement wall. and now my arm hurts too :( (same side as the broken finger tip) I hope this is not a sign of what type of year I am going to have. I am a klutz but never this klutzy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dip the Apple In the Honey...

#2 and #3 love that little song about dipping the apple in the honey and are looking forward to sing it tomorrow night at Rosh Hashana dinner at the bubbe/zaidie's hous. I am looking forward to not having to cook :P I can't believe Rosh Hashana is practically here. Another year gone. I have been frum now for 10 years. I have come a long way since my pre-frum burger flipping day at Wendy's :) I should write a book, Wendy's--Behind the Scenes, what really goes on behind the counter-- LOL. They should come up with a kosher version of Wendy's. Have a Parve frosty instead of one with cream in it., My favourite was the grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard tomato and lettuce.

Anyway, its also getting closer and closer to my 30th birthday. Sept 28, mark your calendars :P My Hebrew and English birthday coincide on the same day this year.

So far, school is going ok for the kids. I wish I got a little more feedback on how #1 is doing in school. last year I got a daily note in the communication log. This year only #1 is attempting to write something about his day..but not much details I would get from the teacher.

whoops..getting late. Must get ready now for my daily shlepp to get #1, #2 and #3. Toodles.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Visit from the Adenomyosis Fairy...

After months of not having any problems from the adenomyosis its flaring up again. DAMN you adenomyosis fairy :P. The pain is not too bad, just annoying. I am not 100 percent if its my grade 2 pelvic floor prolapse also being a pain. If I had enough guts I would just do what my family doc suggested and get a partial hysterectomy but I am too scared, and I am only 29 (I am 29 for another 19 days..I can stlll say I am 29 and not 30 yet! :P) . I had a good few months of being pain free from it. Hopefully this flare up will die down again soon.

You know, getting a nice pet kitty for my birthday will help alleviate the pain of turning 30 :P (HINT HINT HUBBY! :P )

Ok, I am off now to go do more laundry. Too bad I am not Mary Poppins and the laundry can just do itself :P )

Thursday, September 06, 2007

An interesting object attachment

I checked on #2 sleeping last night, and she was sleeping cuddled up to the plastic negel vasser cup LOL. This morning I asked her why? Because she wanted to do negel vasser right away. (though the cup was empty luckily so her bed did not get soaked with water) So I asked her why don't you just use the negel vasser cup that's already in the bathroom? She had brought up the plastic negel vasser cup from the kitchen. I just thought it was funny that she was sleeping with it amongst her toys LOL. I am proud of her for doing negel vasser in the morning without being asked. What a mitzvah girl.

Nap Time!!!

Today I received a phone call that #3 has fallen asleep on the carpet at class. They thought he might be ill. He is not, B"H. He just finished zithromax yesterday afternoon as he had bronchitis over shabbos, 104 degree temperature. But he has finished the meds and was fine. He is tired as yesterday he napped till dinner time after school was over and did not fall asleep until 11 pm. He had to wake up 7 am for school today..he is exhausted. I am hoping he will outgrow his naps as its really throwing off his sleep schedule. I am going to have to wake him up after school today to keep him up so he will go to bed at a normal time.

Today I was in the library and the mall. #5 kept taking off her shirt (she is only 16 months). I kept putting in back. By the time I got to the mall and was in the middle of buying a nice cheapie new purse (Note of advice: NEVER ever buy a purse at the CNE. Mine broke after 1 week!!!!!) and (BTW my shopping dream is to one day own a very nice sleek, smooth as cream expensive leather purse that I will probably never be able to afford :) I turn around to see #5 is naked from the waist up, shirt no where in the mall to be found. I had to go buy her a cheap shirt on clearance for 2 dollars. what a waste of money, even if it is only 2 bucks she probably will not wear it again :(

Phone call now..got to go!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


That is me, sleeping at the keyboard. I am beyond exhausted but it's too early to turn it, its only 7:45 pm. I have been up for almost 14 hours. It will take some getting used to..this shlepping around from two different schools. I used to do this all the time a few years ago when #1 went to another school nearby but I don't remember being this tired. I guess its because I had less kids then and was younger or maybe its because I am getting over the hill that I have less stamina (23 more days of being 29.. :( Where did my twenties go??? My B-day is going to suck :(

Anyway, #1 comes home with the wrong bookbag. It's identical to his but bigger, and has another child's school agenda in there, and another child's lunch box. I hope the other child will remember to bring back #1's book bag tomorrow. Hopefully the teacher can arrange the exchange.

#2 had a time out today because she lost her tzedaka money in the class and when it came time to sing the tzedaka song and drop the penny in the pushke, she had a melt down and ended up with time out because she wouldn't stop looking for her dime.

#3 had a good day. He conked out in the stroller before I even left the classroom. He slept until dinner time. Uh oh :P He will probably not go to bed at a normal time tonight..I am going to have to wake him up after an hour of nap time or he won't be able to get into a proper sleep schedule for school.

#6---that's me--- is going to conk out in front of the computer if I don't sign off right now...


Nothing like the First Day of School...

Yesterday was the first day of school for #1, #2, and #3. It was a bit confusing when dropping off #1, as its a new school he was starting and we didn't know which door he was supposed to line up at. Luckily we found his teacher. But, after school, he was NOT supposed to be bussed home, and was mistakenly put on one. After 10 minutes of waiting for him to come out, I asked someone to check on his whereabouts and they got him before the bus left. I phoned the teacher and office to make sure they know he was not even supposed to be put on the bus list as I had contacted the bus service over summer. The bus service neglected to tell the school. I am going to be nervous waiting for him this afternoon but hopefully that won't happen again.

All three had a great day at school B"H. #3 fell asleep for 45 minutes in the afternoon yesterday on the carpet in the play area of the class room. LOL. He still refused to wear his kippa and tzitzis but they managed to get him to hold it in his hand during davening circle.

Ok, time for me to get dressed and gear up. I take #1 to school, then walk down to take #2 and #3 to theirs and do it in reverse in the afternoon. Good exercise for me :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Uh-Oh..The Big 3-0....

Ok, I am going to be turning the big 3-0 on Sept 28th (its both my Hebrew and English B-day on the same day this year). I feel feel depressed about turning 30. No longer the 20 year old university student, now headed on a journey to middle age. blah. :(
Even though I am nearing 30 soon, I still feel 20 at heart, and that is what counts :)

I am feeling a bit nostalgic about my university days today. I was listening to a song one of my friends used to always play, from the movie "Legends". I wish I had enjoyed my university days more instead of worrying it all away. The times we ordered in Brother Bruno's pizza. (I wasn't frum then. I became frum when I was 20, and I had dropped out of university by then.) I always ordered the tuna sub with vinegar and oil and hot peppers. YUM. :) I remember my friend Frank aka Staz used to call me ADTH, ghost, and phreek. ADTH was alison down the hall, ghost because I used to wear very pale foundation, phreek because that's what I am :P. I have a phreeky sense of humour which also can be considered sometime dorky :P The times we skipped classes to sit out on the student centre lawn. I remember one of my friends dragged me to a "take back the night" event where we marched around yelling feminist slogans with lighted candles. we marched into all the different dorms. I still remember the slogans which I better not repeat here. :P I remember the fruit bowling, the annoying fire alarms, my bell bottoms ( I really miss those! Even when I stopped wearing pants I had a hard time letting them go.).

I also remember the pre university years, where I volunteered in the pharmacy at the raritan bay hospital for years. I loved it there. I still remember the horribly ugly pink and white striped uniform I wore. It feels like yesterday I was there. the pharmacy was next to the morgue, and I remember having to share an elevator sometimes with the undertaker and the deceased. I actually got a tour of it once, the security guard showed us around when it was empty. Interesting.

Here I am much later in life, a married mom to 5 about to turn 30, B"H. Glad but still, a bit depressed about no longer being in my twenties.

Ok, enough rambling. we're going to the bubbe's house for BBQ.
Tomorrow is first day of school. Woo hoo :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lose a tooth for every pregnancy....

I am starting to think the old wives tale of losing a tooth for every pregnancy holds some truth. Last week, my tooth that the dentist had previously drilled into to see if the nerve was alive (it was) started throbbing. I was originally supposed to have root canal on that tooth last year but ended up getting it in the neighboring tooth that was infected. my NJ dentist, Z"L, (he passed away from brain tumor a few months ago) had not put my fillings deep enough and my some of my teeth had gotten damaged) My Toronto dentist tapped my tooth and discovered it was the filling that was causing pain, so he took out the old filling, put something to calm the nerve in my tooth, and put a temporary filling in it until January as I had maxed out my insurance coverage until then. Friday, I discovered my cheek was throbbing, and had a white painful pocket on it. I phoned the dentist who called in a prescription for Biaxin XL for me 1000 mg 1x a day, and told me he will have to see me again this upcoming week. Now the tooth is starting to feel very sensitive again and I have some sort of weird taste on that side of my mouth. I told the doc if I need another root canal he will have to sedate me. I am not joking :) the last root canal was horrible for me as I could still feel him drilling despite being numbed up the wazoo. It was worse than labour and then on top of it all got horribily infected. Actually it was infected when he did the root canal but he thought he got all the pus out and did not put me on any antibiotics. So I am really really scared to go through that horrible experience again. I need to be sedated for another root canal.

Ok anyway, I got to go make lunch for the kiddies :)