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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Full Rosh Hashana Report

Erev Rosh Hashana, #1 lost a second baby tooth, right next to the one that fell out. :) He looks like a pumpkin.

Also, there was a bad accident on the bus route hubby uses to get to/from work and the road was closed. All the buses on that route were more than a half hour behind as traffic was closed. I did not know this, and when candle lighting was in less than a half hour and hubby still wasn't home, I was really freaking out with worry, as hubby was feeling sick that day and I let my anxiety run away with me, of course :P. Apparently he had walked from the bus stop home, a half hour walk. He does not have a cell phone, so had no way of letting me know. When he got home, I had totally forgotten to shut off the TV, lights, and bathroom lights in the basement. We ate all our meals at the bubbe/zaidie's house, so we didn't notice until the next morning when I heard some noise from the basement. I can't believe I left them all on!! Not only was the noise very annoying and detracting from Yom Tov, I had to guard the door to the basement to keep the kids from watching it. It was left on Treehouse TV, a 24 hour all day cartoon channel for kids. I could hear Timothy goes to school, This is Daniel Cook, The backyardigans, and the kids kept asking me, we hear timonthy, can we go watch? and I had to explain how Mommy goofed and forgot to shut it off before candlelighting and just pretend its not on.

Then, during Yom Tov, the backdoor screen at bubbe/zaidie's house got broken due to a certain 16 month old baby peeling off the little rubber siding. So then #3, my troublemaking one LOL, walks through it and totally breaks it all the way. I was very upset, now having to go explain to bubbe and zaidie how their screen door got destroyed by the kids, and after he went back into the house, I went to slam the heavy storm glass door and slammed it on my pointer finger tip, breaking it. Talk about pain. I was hysterical with pain it hurt soooooooo bad. #1 said, let's call 911. I told him not to, its not life threatening, I did not sever my finger, though I did get a nasty gash in its side. But it hurt!!! I have a high tolerance for pain but this pain made me want to vomit. It was worse than labour. I know I should probably go to the hospital to have it x-rayed (no I still have not gone and its been 2 days since it happened) but I don't see a point. What can they do for a broken finger tip?? I took a pic and emailed it to my sister and she told me its so crooked and I better go get it looked at. To tell you the truth, canadian health care sucks and I don't feel like wasting a whole freaking day in the ER just to be told there is nothing you can do for a broken finger tip.

Then, motzei shabbos, hubby comes home from shul and is knocking on the door and I run down the stairs to open the door for him and I slip and fall down the bottom steps and smash my arm into the side of the cement wall. and now my arm hurts too :( (same side as the broken finger tip) I hope this is not a sign of what type of year I am going to have. I am a klutz but never this klutzy!


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