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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Pointing At You!

I'm pointing at you :P I can't help it, my finger is in a damn splint. I have mallet finger from the sliding glass door smashing closed on it, severing part of a tendon in the tip of my finger. I hate this splint. I am being a bad girl..its off right now temporarily. I saw my doc and he told me I can take it off briefly to flex my finger so the muscles won't be stiff. It feels weird using the finger as even though the splint's off its not bending the way its supposed to. As soon as I finish typing this I will behave and put it back on. When I was at the urgent care clinic, the nurse was so funny. We were chatting away and she was telling me, I must be brave, taking care of 5 kids with a finger like this. Funny enough it doesn't hurt much since Saturday, it just feels funny. She also told me she thought I was very pretty and why was I wearing a snood? Where's my wig or a nice hat? (My OHIP card has me in a sheitel but I don't wear it usually, only to simchas) I was wearing a snood because its the first thing I threw on when leaving the house in a rush. Its funny but since I gained some weight from having kids I stopped feeling pretty. I just felt fat. I am not severely overweight but I am a few sizes bigger than I was before having kids, and I am very unhappy with my current weight. My doc referred me on my request to this weight loss doc covered by ohip. I hear he has zero bedside manner and is rude, but I have met several of his patients who have lost a lot of weight and look great. I want to be back to my thin self before December, when G-d willing we are visiting NJ. I have not been home in 5 years. I am seeing my best friend who I have not seen since before I got married and she remembers me at my fighting weight of 110 pounds. If I start now I G-d willing can be that before end of December. I hope this doc does not mind me bringing the babies. They are in the stroller and well behaved.

Before, #5 got stung by a bee by her eye. I had no idea a bee was in the house. (we had just come in from a walk). She was screaming and frantic, which in turn made me frantic. I rushed her to the pediatrician and the pediatrician's wife who is the receptionist made me feel upset for being so nervous. She told me I am making the baby more upset by being so anxious about her bee sting. Well, excuse me, but when I hear my baby crying like that for the first time in her little 16 months and writhing around and her little cheek by her eye is starting to get red and puffy with a bee stinger there, EXCUSE ME FOR panicking. I had removed the stinger at home and gave her benadryl and then I panicked so there :P (I was worried about allergic reaction to bee sting) I will try not to panic next time a bee sting happens.


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